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Service: Foward

If you set your "service" field to "forward", Mailhub will redirect mail received for your @purdue.edu address to an existing email account that you have specified. This way you can continue to use an existing email account to store and read mail received for your @purdue.edu address.

After setting your "service" field to "forward", Mailhub will attempt to redirect mail received for your @purdue.edu address to the existing user specified email address.

Be careful: Double check the email address you have specified for forwarding. If you enter your forwarding address incorrectly, your @purdue.edu mail may bounce and be returned to the sender as undeliverable.

This setting is useful if you wish to redirect mail received for your @purdue.edu address to an existing email account, such as: AOL, hotmail, @home.com, @gte.net, or Purdue departmental account. The @purdue.edu mail will simply be sent on to the email account that you have specified for you to read there.

*Please note: If you are changing the account from "store" to "forward", any messages stored on "mailhome.purdue.edu" will be deleted after seven days.

If you wish to keep a copy of any old messages that were stored on "mailhome.purdue.edu", please telnet to " mailhome.purdue.edu" and forward them to your user specified email address.

When forwarding email, the "email" field is limited to 4 addresses:

  • the forwarding address that you entered in the directory database
  • your qualified_name@purdue.edu
  • your alias@purdue.edu
  • your email@purdue.edu
    (Use the email field setting to advertise your "preferred" email address.)

In general, Internet-style addresses are recommended for the forwarding address. However, if you are forwarding to another Purdue address, please be machine specific . See example below:

(If you set forward to "login@ecn.purdue.edu", your email will not function.)

Internet-style addresses ("login@isp.com") may take the forms:


*Please note: If you choose to setup a long email@purdue.edu address, then this must remain in your email field as your "preferred" address.