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Departmental Computing Managers Group

Each of the University's administrative vice presidents have a manager or director who is responsible for IT within their organization. Historically these individuals have been referred to as "Departmental Computing Managers" although that is not indicative of position titles. “Departmental Computing Manager” responsibilities include the development of departmental IT environments supporting their missions, coordination with ITaP in development and utilization of central IT services and collaboration with their campus IT counterparts. The "Departmental Computing Managers" meet as a group monthly to share information, discuss common problems, generate ideas for future technology solutions, identify issues with current, planned and needed services, initiate and provide resources to plan and execute multi-department projects, and forward recommendations to appropriate senior staff. The meeting is chaired by ITaP Customer Relations. Meetings are often coordinated with meetings of the Academic IT Leaders Forum (AITLF) to facilitate enterprise wide collaboration and to receive presentations and updates from campus leaders of interest to both groups.


Name Department
Mike Szczepanski Business Services Computing
Don Brier Grad School Administration
Jody Couch HFS Computing
Barb Kapp Intercollegiate Athletics Administration
Julie Kercher-Updike IT Customer Relations
Bill Simmons IT Customer Relations
Doug Foster IT Enterprise Applications
Kyle Bowen IT Informatics
Ed Evans IT Systems & Operations
Mike Rubesch IT Systems & Operations
Dan Schumacher IT Systems & Operations
Rob Stanfield IT Networks and Security
Scott Ksander IT Networks and Security
Greg Hedrick IT Networks and Security
John Campbell IT Discovery Resources
Nancy Wilson Head IT Teaching and Learning Technologies
Bart Bishop IT Teaching and Learning Technologies
Jolene King Physical Facilities Computing
Mary-Claire Cartwright Purdue Research Foundation
Lee Gordon Student Services Technology and Assessment
Steve Baker Student Services Technology and Assessment
Dan Gentry University Development Office
Paul Bracke University Libraries
Lisa Purvis University Libraries

Meeting Minutes

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