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How do I activate my Purdue Career Account?

This article will explain how to activate your Purdue Career Account.

For undergraduate and professional students the information needed to activate your account will be located in your acceptance packet. For graduate students, the on-line admission letter provides the information needed.

Take the provided information and go to https://www.purdue.edu/apps/account/AccountSetup.

This tool will provide you with your Purdue Career Account alias and allow you to set up a password of your choice. Your Purdue Career Account will be used to access most online tools while at Purdue like your @purdue email services, the myPurdue web pages, ITaP computer labs, and more. Please be sure to memorize your Purdue Career Account alias/username and password since you will be using it to access all these services.

Alternate Symptoms:
If you are having issues accessing the Purdue Career Account activation site, the password is case sensitive and should be entered into the field exactly as it is listed in your document. Also be cautious of characters and numbers that may resemble each other (examples include "O's" and zero's, "B's" and eights, "l's" and ones and "G's" and "Q's").

Call the ITaP Customer Service Center at (765) 494-4000 for any questions or problems.