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How do I select which Purdue supported blogging tool to use?


Purdue supports two blog platforms. Bb Blog is embedded within the BlackBoard Learning Management System. WordPress is a Content Management System that you can use to set up a blog. For more general information on how to use blogs for the purposes of teaching and learning, click here.


Bb BlogWordPress
Media Management
Support rich media Y Y
     text (limited fonts, color) Y Y
     images Y Y
      links Y Y
     attachments Y Y
     multimedia Y Y
Mashups (includes elements form two or more sources, e.g., YouTubeTM, Flicker® photos, SlideShare presentations) Y Y
Plug-ins/Publicize (can share globally via Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Linkedin, Google+, etc.) Y Y
alt text capability Y Y
character limit for posts and/or comments Y (not a concern) Y (not a concern)
Can be graded Y
will automatically create a column in Grade Center
instructor must create column in Grade Center manually to include grade in Grade Center; if Bb is not used, perhaps a spreadsheet is used for recording grades
   inline grading SP11 No
   Can see number of posts per individual (analytics) Y Y
others can comment Y
(only text available in comments)
(can add an image as an option in comments)
search functionality No Y
Posts accessibility Y,
clunky. Also depending on blog themes
Posts Comments Y,
Depending on blog themes
Images Y Depending on blog themes
supports multiple languages Y Y
User Management
Login/registration single sign-in must register w/WordPress
Individual Blog

(each student has his or her own area to publicly share thoughts and work with others in the course and receives comments and feedback on entries)

(individual sites would need to be set up)
Course Blog Y
(all users in the course share their thoughts and work in one common area that everyone can read and comment)
(each course site would need to be set up; instructor would need to set up roles for students, TAs, etc.)
Group Blog Y
(groups of students collaboratively post thoughts and comment on each others’ work while all other users in the course can view and comment on their entry)
(each group could have a blog; group functionality could possibly be created with roles manually however this process would be cumbersome)
Site Management
environment can be customized No Y
storage/archive Y
(students have access for 2 yrs; archived for 2 additional years)
(managed by owner)
limit in size/storage Y
(size limited by your course site size; 2 GB at this time)

(size limited by your Career Account size; 500 MG at this time)

no additional cost Y Y

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