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Teaching and Learning Technologies - Instructional Development Center Staff

Talk to us about your class or technology problem. Request a consultation with any of our expert technologists, or send us a note requesting immediate technical assistance.  You can also send us an email at tlt-consulting@purdue.edu!

Picture of Suzanne Ahlersmeyer

Suzanne Ahlersmeyer, MS 
Instructional Designer
Phone: 49-67403
Email: smahlers@purdue.edu

Picture of Donalee Attardo

Donalee Attardo, PhD
Director, Instructional Development Center
Phone: 49-42696 Email: dattardo@purdue.edu

Picture of Dean Brusnighan

Dean Brusnighan, MS
Assistive Technology Specialist
Phone: 49-49082 Email: dabrus@purdue.edu

Picture of Sheree Buikema

Sheree Buikema, M.Ed.
Educational Technologist
Phone: 49-47780
Email: sbuikema@purdue.edu 

Picture of Joe Conte

Joe S. Conte, Jr., PhD 
Manager, Consulting & Training 
Phone: 49-68222 
Email: conte@purdue.edu

Picture of Robby Crain

Robby Crain, BS
Project Manager
Phone: 49-68221
Email: rcrain@purdue.edu 

Picture of Brett Creech

Brett Creech, MS 
Educational Technologist
Phone: 49-47808
Email: creechb@purdue.edu

Bethany Croton

Bethany Croton, MS/MA
Educational Technologist
Phone: 49-46306
Email: bcroton@purdue.edu

Picture of Adam Hagen

Adam Hagen, MS
Educational Technologist
Phone: 49-62015 
Email: hagenab@purdue.edu

Picture of Amy Haston

Amy Haston, BA
Educational Technologist
Phone: 49-66842 
Email: alh@purdue.edu

Picture of Sandra Henderson

Sandra Henderson, MS
Support Specialist
Phone: 49-49704
Email: hender81@purdue.edu

Picture of Ben Holmes

Ben Holmes, BA
Senior Educational Technologist
Phone: 49-63280 
Email: bholmes@purdue.edu

Picture of David Huckleberry

David Huckleberry, M.S.Ed.
Educational Technologist
Phone: 49-61256
Email: dhuckleb@purdue.edu

Picture of Pat Reid

Pat Reid, EdD 
Manager, Innovations in Teaching & Learning
Phone: 49-49371
Email: patreid@purdue.edu

Picture of Gloria Ryan

Gloria Ryan
Secretary IV
Phone: 49-49186 and 49-63257 
Email: garyan@purdue.edu

Picture of Debra Runshe

Debra Runshe, MS
Educational Technologist
Phone: 49-46253
Email: drunshe@purdue.edu

Picture of David Schwarte

David Schwarte, BS 
Assistive Technology Specialist
Phone: 49-44387
Email: david-schwarte@purdue.edu

Picture of James Stanchfield

James Stanchfield, BS
Support Specialist
Phone: 49-42502 
Email: stanchfi@purdue.edu

Picture of Erica Vail

Erica Vail, M.S.Ed.
Educational Technologist
Phone: 49-60413
Email: vaile@purdue.edu  

Picture of Marcie Vanderkolk

Marcie Vanderkolk
Support Specialist
Phone: 49-69445
Email: marcie@purdue.edu 

Picture of Eric Yee

Eric Yee, MBA/BS
Project Manager
Phone: 49-41483
Email: ejyee@purdue.edu

Picture of Wei Liu

Wei Liu Zakharov, PhD
Senior Educational Technologist
Phone: 49-42381
Email: liu31@purdue.edu