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Blackboard Retention Center

The Retention Center is a tool within Blackboard that allows instructors to identify at-risk students. By using rules based on course activity, grades, course access, and missed deadlines instructors are able to direct feedback to students who need it most. The Retention Center is already set up within your Blackboard Course and is calculating data the moment the semester begins.

Blackboards Retention Center will allow you to:

  • Edit and create rules customized for your course.
  • Identify students at risk while there is time for them to make improvement.
  • Communicate with students struggling and give them helpful advice.
  • Keep track of your own activity within Blackboard. (Only you can see it)

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Teaching with Blackboard's Retention Center

Who Can Use this Software?

Instructors using Blackboard Learn have access to this tool.

Using Blackboard Retention Center In Your Class

Using Blackboard Retention Center in your course encourages communication between faculty and students. It provides a way for prompt feedback to be given in the associated email message which can communicate high expectations and emphasize time on task. Chickering and Gamson target these factors as key components for good practice in undergraduate education (1991).

Chickering, A. W., & Gamson, Z. E. (1991). Appendix a: seven principals for good practice in undergraduate education. New Direction for Teaching and Learning. 47, 63-69. doi:10.1002/tl.37219914708

For more information about good practice in undergraduate education, click here.

Comparison with Course Signals

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Video Over-view and Using Blackboard Retention Center

Using the Retention Center, help pages are located here.

Training and Support

Workshops are posted on the ITaP Catalog page. Individual consultations can be requested here.