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New Release of Blackboard Learn released.

We are pleased to announce the newest release of Blackboard Learn (9.1.8). This release offers many new and exciting features. Here's a preview of just a few!

    • Merge Enrollments - Multi-Section Management
    • Multi-Section Management, via the Merge Enrollments feature, enables system administrators to merge the rosters of multiple course sections into one master course. Instructors can then manage course content, communications, grades, and access original courses from one central location.
    • Merge Enrollments – Crosslisting
    • Crosslisting, via the Merge Enrollments feature, enables administrators to deliver two or more courses/sections from two different programs as a single combined course. In Learn, students in a crosslisted course see only the course in which they are enrolled. Inside the course, all course content is shared with all associated crosslisted courses.
    • Course-to-Course Navigation
    • Course-to-Course Navigation allows students and instructors to jump from course to course while retaining the context of the page or task from the original page of any recently accessed course.
    • Automated Regrading
    • Instructors can now fix problematic questions by simply editing the invalid question directly and having all necessary updates flow automatically to the Grade Center. For any assessment question, Instructors can drop, give full credit, change point value, or change which answer is marked correct. After the question has been updated, Blackboard Learn recalculates the score of all submitted assessments that included the updated question, reflects the updates in the Grade Center, and provides notification to both the Instructor and optionally to the Student for all impacted submissions.
    • Negative Marking
    • Negative Marking allows Instructors to apply negative point values for incorrect answers on assessment questions.
    • New Default Theme
    • The default theme in Blackboard Learn has been updated to enhance usability, place more emphasis on content and actions, remove on-screen clutter, and increase usable screen space. 

For more information about what's new in Service Pack 8 and see the new user interface and some of the top features that will be offered, go to: What's New!