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BoilerCast is a lecture capture system that enhances and extends instructional activities in face-to-face, blended, and fully online courses.  It is available in select classrooms and is powered by software and hardware from Echo360. These classrooms are equipped with a camera, microphone and either software or a hardware appliance that allows the Echo360 system to record lectures in real time.

BoilerCast provides the following benefits for faculty and students: 

  • Students may review recorded lectures to increase retention of content covered during lecture
  • Faculty may pre-record a lecture or create supplemental material for student viewing at a later time
  • BoilerCast recordings may be scheduled as one-time recordings or for each class meeting during a semester.

New for 2015!

The Active Learning Platform (ALP) from Echo360 is now available along with BoilerCast.

Learn more about ALP

Important Notice: Apple has announced that all private iTunes sites will be disabled on September 1, 2015. This includes the Purdue iTunes site used with BoilerCast.

Used By:  
Faculty and Students

Workstation Installation:
Required if using Personal Capture.  iTunes installation may also be required.

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Teaching with BoilerCast

Who Can Use BoilerCast?

Faculty will use BoilerCast to create recordings of their lectures or other activities.  Students may view BoilerCast recordings via Blackboard Learn or through iTunes U.

BoilerCast Capture Types

There are three types of capture available:

  • Classroom Capture:  Captures audio, the computer display, and video (in limited rooms).  This capture can be automated or ad-hoc.  This is the most common capture; scheduling a classroom capture will automatically record and release the video to students without intervention.  In addition to lectures, classroom capture can record help sessions, seminars, student presentations, or any other academic event.  

    Classroom Capture is primarily software-based, but in some rooms a hardware capture option - also referred to as an Echo appliance - is available.  For rooms that have an Echo360 appliance installed, full-motion output from any VGA, DVI, or HDMI-enabled device (such as document cameras, smart boards, and computers) may be captures as well.  This option also allows live streaming of the capture so students may view the lecture from a remote location.

    Every other classroom has Echo360 software installed on the podium PC, and the classroom capture will contain the display from the podium PC plus the instructor audio.  The instructor must log in to the ITaP podium PC to use this capture.  Classroom Capture Overview and Instructions.

  • Personal Capture: This capture includes audio plus desktop only, or desktop and video from a webcam.  This is similar to the Classroom Capture, but instructors have the ability to create and edit custom instructional content from any location.  Echo Personal Capture needs to be installed and configured on your computer and is available for both the Macintosh and Windows PC.  Personal Capture Overview and Instructions.
  • External Media Import:  This capture allows you to import media captured from other sources into BoilerCast, which is then automatically uploaded to your Blackboard course. Import Other Media Overview and Instructions.

Using BoilerCast In Your Class

BoilerCast can be used in classes to provide additional learning materials to students that can be accessed by your students at any time they need to review content from your lecture.  BoilerCast can be set to record without any intervention from you, allowing you to focus on instruction.

Workstation Installation and Licensing

BoilerCast is pre-installed in many classrooms on campus.  For Personal Capture, software will need to be installed on the faculty member's computer.  

Faculty wishing to install Personal Capture on a self-supported computer should review the Personal Capture Overview document and review the recommended computer hardware needed for Personal Capture before obtaining and installing the software.  Faculty using a computer supported by Purdue should first contact their local IT support group to determine if the software may be installed on their computer.

Scheduling a BoilerCast Recording

BoilerCast Locations on Campus

Many classrooms on campus have BoilerCast installed.  View a list of rooms with BoilerCast recording available.

Students with Disabilities

If you are receiving academic adjustments and/or auxiliary services from the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and need help accessing a BoilerCast lecture, please contact your Accomodations Specialist in the DRC or Dean Brusnighan (dabrus@purdue.edu) in Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP).

Training and Support

If you experience technical issues with using BoilerCast, please call (765) 494-4000 (44000 on campus) or email itap@purdue.edu.  

To schedule a meeting with a consultant to discuss using BoilerCast, please email tlt-consulting@purdue.edu.