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Course Email Lists

Instructors at the West Lafayette campus can request a course email list for each course taught during the semester.  These lists provide a secure environment for instructors to facilitate communication with students in the class by displaying the sender's email address and the course list name in the email.  Students do not have access to other students' email addresses until a student sends an email to the entire email list, disclosing the information.

Course email lists can:

  • Provide instructors with a single email address so they can quickly communicate with all students in the class
  • The ability for students to not have to disclose their email to their instructor or fellow students, but still have the ability receive course communications.

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Workstation Installation:
None required.

Used By: 
Faculty and Students

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Teaching with Course Email Lists

Who Can Use this Software?

Faculty and students may use course email lists.  While faculty will likely be the primary users of course email lists, students may use the list if they have the course email address.

How Do I Obtain a Course Email List?

Faculty may request a course email list; the earliest a request can be made is approximately one week prior to the start of the semester.  To make a request, the instructor must be:

  • FERPA Certified
  • Assigned in Banner as an Instructor

To request an course email list, complete the Request a Course Email List form.  You will receive a confirmation email showing the list name and address, and the list will be populated with student names within 15 minutes after receipt of the confirmation email.

How is List Membership Managed?

Membership on course email lists is managed automatically based on student enrollment information in Banner.  Changes in the list are reflected within 24-48 hours after a student adds or drops the course.

Does the List Last Forever?

No; course email lists are automatically deleted at the end of each semester.

Training and Support

For more information or assistance on using course email lists, contact Consulting and Training at tlt-consulting@purdue.edu