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Request a Course Email List

Course Email Lists

Instructors on Purdue's West Lafayette campus can request course email lists for each course taught during the semester. Course email lists provide a secure environment for instructors to facilitate communication with students in the class by only displaying the sender's email address and the course list name in the email. Students do not have access to other students' email addresses until a student sends an email to the entire email list, disclosing the information.

Course email lists are automatically populated with course data from the Registrar and changes are reflected within 24-48 hours of when students drop or add a course. All course email lists are automatically deleted at the end of each semester.

Before and After Your Request

Course e-mail lists cannot be requested until approximately one week before the start of the semester. Before you request a course email list, make sure you are:

  • FERPA Certified
  • Assigned in Banner as an Instructor or Course Roster Viewer

The list will be created and populated with the course roster maintained by the Registar's office. Once the list has been created, you will receive an email showing the list name and address. Populating the email list with the course roster will take about 15 minutes after you receive the email notification.