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Adobe Connect

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Purdue has started a transition from Adobe Connect to Cisco WebEx as our web conferencing tool.  Information is located below in our transition information section.

Connect is a rich Web communication system that allows users to reach a wide audience at anytime with engaging multimedia content. Connect utilizes Adobe Flash Player or mobile applications so audiences can join meetings, courses, and presentations instantly. Connect can be used for the following:

  • Online/blended learning courses
  • Professional development for faculty and staff
  • Collaboration with colleagues at and beyond Purdue University
  • Instructor-Student and Student-Student collaboration outside of the classroom

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Used By: 
Faculty, Staff, Students.

Workstation Installation:
Adobe Flash and an Adobe Connect plug-in may be required for your browser.  A webcam and/or microphone may also be needed.  Mobile devices may require the use of an app to view or participate in a meeting.

User Group: 
Connect User Group

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Teaching with Adobe Connect

Who Can Use this Software?

Faculty, staff, and students at Purdue are able to utilize Adobe Connect.  Individuals outside of Purdue University can access meetings hosted via Adobe Connect if they have been provided with a link to the meeting.

Transition to WebEx

Purdue has selected Cisco WebEx to replace Adobe Connect as our web conferencing tool. Adobe Connect will continue to be available through Fall 2014, with retirement on January 30th, 2015. 

For users who have content in Adobe Connect, or who wish to save recorded meetings, please review the following documents:

Existing Adobe Connect recordings may be published to Kaltura Mediaspace. For more information, please read: Uploading Adobe Connect Recordings to Mediaspace.

All content that users wish to save from Adobe Connect should be exported from the system no later than the end of the Fall 2014 academic term.  For assistance in saving materials, please schedule a consultation via our Consultation Request Form.

Using Adobe Connect In Your Class

Adobe Connect provides a way for instructors and students to meet and collaborate online outside of the traditional classroom. Additionally, Connect can record sessions for later review by participants in the session.

Workstation and Mobile Application Installation

Adobe Connect may require users to download software.  For workstations (including laptop computers), browsers may require the installation of Adobe Flash Player and the Adobe Connect plug-in.  Users will be prompted to download this software automatically if it is not installed.

Users participating in a meeting via a mobile device may need to download the Adobe Connect application for their smartphone or tablet.  The applications are free but should be downloaded when the device is connected to a high-speed connection.  Mobile applications may also have more limited functionality than what would be availabile if connecting to the meeting from a workstation.

Microphone and Camera Recommendations

We recommend that you obtain a USB headset that you find comfortable.  Headsets are available in multiple styles, including wired and wireless types.  Additionally, some headsets will cover one ear, or both ears.  The headset should include a microphone to allow you to speak if necessary.

If you are interested in adding video to your Connect meeting, an integrated webcam or a USB webcam will allow you to transmit video via Connect.

Getting Started with Adobe Connect - Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff have a Connect account and can request a "host" meeting role at this website.  A host can set up meetings, invite guests, manage content, and assign other roles to meeting attendees.  To request the host role, you must be faculty or staff and have a valid career account login and password.  Some accounts where a "Restricted Directory" request has been placed do not have access to a Connect account.

Getting Started with Adobe Connect - Students

Undergraduate and graduate students have a single meeting room.  Students cannot create new meeting rooms.  The best way to access your meeting room is to use the URL shown on your career account web page.  Look in the Accounts List box on the left side; you will see a link to Your Adobe Connect Meeting.

Any student who is employed as a teaching assistant will lose their single meeting room and need to request the meeting host and author role, the same as faculty and staff.  Once the studnet stops working as a teaching assistant, all meeting rooms will be deleted and the single student meeting room will be restored.

Studnets have limited functionality and may see the message "Not authorized.  You do not have permission to access this item" when clicking on some menu options.

Training and Support

If you encounter issues using Adobe Connect, please contact the ITaP Customer Service Center at itap@purdue.edu or call (765) 494-4000.

Adobe Connect training workshops are offered from time-to-time; please visit or http://www.itap.purdue.edu/training to view our Training Schedule.  For additional training or questions on using Connect, please contact tlt-consulting@purdue.edu.