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Purdue University does not currently support REEF Polling as the software is undergoing IT security review. Students purchasing an iClicker/REEF Polling combo should not activate their REEF Polling code until the software is supported by Purdue.

The iClicker response system allows faculty to engage students through pre-selected questions or ad-hoc questions that are asked during class. Students with iClicker devices can then answer the questions and have their responses recorded using the provided software.

iClicker provides the following options for faculty:

  • Assessment of student understanding of course topics in real-time and adjust instruction if needed
  • The ability to collect information on individual student participation in the class
  • Option to replace in-class quizzes with graded responses from students, and post individual quiz and participation scores to Blackboard Learn

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Used By:
Faculty and Students

Supported Devices:
iClicker, iClicker 2

Workstation Installation:
A base station must be installed on the instructor's computer. Software may be installed on the instructor's computer, a flash drive, or a network drive.

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Teaching with iClickers

Who Can Use iClickers?

Faculty and students are the primary users of iClickers on campus.  Faculty will also use two software programs with the iClicker devices; iClicker runs on the instructor's computer during class and enables question polling.  iGrader works with the iClicker software to record student responses and push student scores earned during iClicker polls to Blackboard Learn.

Using iClickers In Your Class

iClickers may be used in your class to improve engagement with students, and encourage active student participation.

The Purdue-developed application Hotseat has some features that are similar to features offered by iClickers.  For more information on comparing iClickers to Hotseat, please read the following:

Additionally, you may review our iClicker Best Practices Guide for more information.

Integration of iClicker into Courses

There are several steps that instructors must take to fully integrate iClickers into their courses.  Please visit our iClicker Integration page for instructions on adding iClickers to your class.

Workstation Installation

To use iClickers, you must have a base station connected to the computer used for instruction.  The base station is a plug-and-play device that will work with Windows PCs and Mac computers.  Faculty wishing to use their personal laptops instead of the classroom computer may plug the base station into their computer via a USB connection.  

The iClicker software must be present on the instructional computer.  For faculty using the provided instructional computer in the classroom, the software may be used directly from a flash drive, or from the instructor's ITaP network drive (requires version 6.4.1 of the software for network use).  Faculty using their own laptop for instruction may save the software directly on their computer.

Obtaining iClicker Devices

Faculty/Instructors:  Faculty and instructors wishing to use iClickers in their courses will receive an instructor iClicker device from ITaP at no cost during training.  Instructor iClickers should be returned to ITaP when the faculty member or instructor leaves Purdue, or no longer desires to use iClickers in their class.

Students:  Student may choose to rent or purchase an iClicker device.  Campus bookstores offer both purchase and rental options for students; a limited number of iClickers are also available for rent through the Purdue Student Government.  

iClicker Enabled Locations on Campus

Many classrooms on campus are equipped with iClicker base stations.  Please visit our iClicker locations page to see if the room where you are teaching is equipped with a base station.  If the room you are teaching in is not listed, please email itap@purdue.edu to request a base station be installed where you are teaching.

Training and Support

Classroom-based iClicker training is occasionally available; please visit http://www.itap.purdue.edu/training to see if iClicker classroom training is available.  You may also schedule a consultation and training session by completing our Consultation Request Form or emailing tlt-consulting@purdue.edu