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Kaltura is a web-based application that allows users to host and share media.  Kaltura's platform supports the streaming of audio and video to users across multiple platforms, including mobile devices. 


  • Allows faculty to quickly integrate audio and video content into Blackboard Learn
  • Provides students an easy way to submit audio and video projects to instructors via Blackboard Learn
  • Offers campus departments a way to embed content on to web pages

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Used By: 
Faculty, Staff, and Students

Workstation Installation:
None; web-based. 

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Teaching with Kaltura

Who Can Use this Software?

Faculty and staff may access Kaltura through integrations with Blackboard Learn and SharePoint; faculty and staff may also access Kaltura through MediaSpace.  Students may access Kaltura through Kaltura's integration with Blackboard Learn, or through MediaSpace via a private channel created by their instructor.  Kaltura is available both on- and off-campus.

Using Kaltura In Your Class

Kaltura can be used in courses to provide additional learning resources to students, or to embed on to web pages for greater reach of your video content.  You may also accept audio and video assignments from your students using Kaltura within Blackboard Learn. 

Kaltura MediaSpace

Faculty and staff may utilize Kaltura MediaSpace to upload and distribute audio and video content via a MediaSpace channel.  This content can also then be used within Blackboard Learn, embedded within web pages, or a link may be emailed to viewers.  Caption files are also added to audio and video files within MediaSpace.  Faculty and staff wanting to create webcam videos, screen capture videos, or video presentations may also utilize MediaSpace to create these types of media content.  Accounts on MediaSpace may be requested by emailing itap@purdue.edu

Blackboard Learn Integration

Kaltura is integrated in Blackboard Learn via a mashup within the text editor, or via the course's Media Gallery.  Faculty, instructors, and course designers may upload audio and video into content areas for student viewing and use.  Students can use the mashup to submit audio or video assignments, or submit the content to a discussion forum. For all users, the Blackboard Learn integration also allows users to create webcam recordings and screen recordings that are then saved within Kaltura.

SharePoint Integration

SharePoint users on campus may integrate content from Kaltura into their SharePoint sites.  Media may be added directly to Kaltura via SharePoint, or the media may first be uploaded to MediaSpace and then used within SharePoint.

Video Express Integration

Users of Purdue's Video Express sites may utilize the Video Express website to transfer their recordings to Kaltura.  Within MediaSpace, those recordings may have captions added and prepared for use within web pages or Blackboard Learn. 

Captioning Videos

Audio and videos uploaded to Kaltura and shared with the Purdue community and beyond must be captioned.  Professional captioning assistance for your videos is available through the Disability Resource Center (email drc@purdue.edu or call 765-494-1247).  Faculty wishing to create their own caption files should email tlt-consulting@purdue.edu.

Training and Support Resources

Training and assistance with Kaltura is available by contacting Consulting and Training at tlt-consulting@purdue.edu.

Additional video resources are available at the Innovations in Teaching and Learning Video Portal.