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What is it?

Respondus is a tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Purdue's course management system, Blackboard. Exams and assessments are created offline using a Windows interface. Respondus supports up to nine questions types, including calculated and algorithmic formats and can import questions from existing text or Microsoft Word files. Many authoring features are included that allow easy formatting and the inclusion of graphics, audio and video. Questions can be previewed prior to publishing or uploaded to Blackboard and a "batch publish" feature allows assessments and surveys to be published to multiple courses in a single step. Publisher text banks are also available for download in Respondus format.

How will it enhance learning in my classroom?

Respondus enhances the functionality and usability of Blackboard's exam and survey tools. For a product description and complete list of features, visit the Respondus website.

Where is it available?

Purdue University has obtained a campus-wide license for the Respondus software. Our license with Respondus, Inc. does NOT permit instructors to obtain support directly from Respondus, Inc. If our staff is unable to solve a particular question or problem, we will contact Respondus, Inc. on your behalf.

Our license DOES permit you to install a copy of the Respondus software on a home or office computer. However, please note that you are not permitted to provide the Respondus software or the password information to anyone who is not affiliated with Purdue. Such an action is a violation of our licensing agreement with Respondus and is also illegal.

How do I get started?

Respondus is only available for computers running Microsoft Windows.  Unfortunately, there is no Mac version of Respondus.

You will need to download the following files and information:

After installing Respondus, the program may search for updates.  Please allow the program to download and install any updates.

Additional Training Materials

Downloading and Installing Respondus Handout Video
Configuring Blackboard Servers Handout Video

Respondus License Information:

You will need to enter a new license key each year at the beginning of August in order to use your Respondus software. Refer to the license key document to find this year's license key. 


If you have questions or problems using the Respondus software, you should first consult the online help or Respondus User Guide. If you are still unable to resolve your problem, please direct your questions to the ITaP Customer Service Center at 494-4000 or by sending email to itap@purdue.edu.

For more information about Respondus, visit http://www.respondus.com.