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Respondus is a tool that can be used to create and manage exams that can be delivered on paper or published directly to Blackboard Learn.  Quizzes and exams created in Respondus for Blackboard Learn can be published to a single course, or batch published to multiple sections in a single step.  Respondus also includes the following features:

  • Supports up to nine question types, including calculated and algorithmic formats.
  • Is able to import questions from text or Microsoft Word documents, and can convert test questions from other learning management systems, including Canvas and ANGEL.
  • Allows for inclusion of multimedia in questions and the preview of questions prior to publishing.
  • Permits the development of quizzes and exams offline.
  • Offers the Respondus Test Bank Network which offers textbook test banks that instructors may use if they have adopted a participating textbook.

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Used By: 
Faculty, Staff, Graduate Instructors

Workstation Installation:
Eligible users may install on work and personal computers.  Also available in ITaP computing labs.  Available for Windows only.
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Teaching with Respondus

Who Can Use this Software?

Faculty and staff are able to use Respondus to create quizzes and exams for their classes; for teaching assistants, Respondus may be used if they are instructing the course or if they are developing assessments for their supervisor.

Using Respondus In Your Class

Respondus enhances the functionality and usability of Blackboard's exam and survey tools.  For a product description and complete list of features, please visit the Respondus website.

Workstation Installation and Licensing

Purdue University has obtained a campus-wide license for Respondus software.  Faculty and staff may install Respondus on their home or office computer.  For faculty and staff wishing to have Respondus installed on their work computers, please contact your local IT support group for assistance in installing the program. 

Respondus is available for Windows only; there is no Mac version available.

To request Respondus software, please email tlt-consulting@purdue.edu with your request.

Please note that you may not share the Respondus installation file and license information with anyone who is not affiliated with Purdue.  Such an action is a violation of our licensing agreement with Respondus, and is also illegal.

After installing Respondus, the program may search for updates.  Please allow the program to download and install any updates.

License Term and Updating Information

The license information for Respondus changes once per year, usually at the beginning of August.  If your installation of Respondus indicates your license is out of date, you will need to request the new license information from tlt-consulting@purdue.edu.

Training and Support

Training is occasionally available for Respondus.  Please visit our training catalog at http://www.itap.purdue.edu/training to see if Respondus workshops are available.  if a workshop is not available, you may request a 1:1 or small group consultation by completing our Consultation Request Form or by sending email to tlt-consulting@purdue.edu.

Additional training materials are available below:

Downloading and Installing Respondus Handout

Configuring Blackboard Servers

Respondus User Guide Handout
Respondus Quick Start Guide Handout