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Research has shown that messages sent by instructors using the communication system Course Signals, inspire and motivate students who are not utilizing their time in class. These messages provide early intervention and may improve student performance by as much as a whole letter grade. Course Signals can also help failing students improve their grade and aid in the retention of students who are considering dropping. This communication system can help students be more successful in your courses.

What is Course Signals? Course Signals detects early warning signs and provides interventions to students who may not be performing to the best of their abilities before they reach a critical point. The Course Signals program works best when instructors want to provide individual feedback but don’t have a good way to do so, especially in large enrollment classes. With Course Signals, students are provided with customized feedback that can help them make informed decisions about their academic performance early in the semester.


PassNote is a messaging tool created for those wanting to provide feedback to students – and, in particular, those using Course Signals.


Select the risk level (red, yellow, green) you need a message composed for, choose the topic you want to address, then collect various phrases into a message you can further customize for your students. More information on how PassNote was developed is available here. To access PassNote, visit http://www.purdue.edu/passnote/

This video, designed with student viewers in mind, briefly describes how Course Signals works. You can link it to your course, embed it in Blackboard, or simply show it to your class.