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Resources and Workshops

Workshops related to Course Signals are posted on our training catalog, which can be located here (under the heading "Feedback Tools for Instructors") and will appear on this web page when they are scheduled. Individual consultations can be set up at your convenience. To request a consultation click here.


Course Signals is perfect for courses when instructors want to provide individual feedback but do not have a good way to do so. Incorporating Course Signals into your classes can be done very quickly, and sending messages to students takes just a few minutes each time.

Regularly informing students of their current standing and progress in your courses and providing insight as to how they can improve is nothing more than good practice. Doing so results in students better learning the material you are teaching  and provides them with skills that will benefit them throughout their academic career.

Specifically, feedback provided should be:

  • Early – Course Signals can be run as soon as there is one grade available in your grade book.
  • Often – providing students ongoing updates on their progress aids in their understanding of their standing in the course and how to improve or maintain it.
  • Timely – the closer feedback is provided to when grades are available provides more opportunity for students to change their processes for your course.
  • Substantive – feedback should provide concrete activities or steps students can take to enhance their learning.

Classroom Resources

Download a PDF of Top Ten Tips in using Course Signals.

Download a PDF of Message Design advice in using Course Signals.

Download a PDF with advice on Instructor Usage.

Copy a syllabus paragraph explaining Course Signals for students:

This class uses Course Signals, a warning system initiated by your instructor to help you understand your academic standing in this class. When a signal is calculated, you will be sent an email with specific information about how you can maintain or enhance your grade. You will also see a signal icon in Blackboard and clicking on it will show your current signal as well as the current email message. For more information on Course Signals, see the website (www.purdue.edu/signals) or watch the video (http://tinyurl.com/CourseSignals2014).

This video can be embedded into your Blackboard course, shown to a class, or linked in your syllabus.


PassNote is a messaging tool created for those wanting to provide feedback to students – and, in particular, those using Course Signals. To find out more, click here.

If you would like to remove Course Signals from your course, directions can be found here: PDF Removing Course Signals