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Streaming Media Server

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Due to limitations and the future shutdown of the Streaming Media Server, we encourage the use of Kaltura for video streaming.

Please contact us at tlt-consulting@purdue.edu to learn more about Kaltura or to request assistance moving your videos from the Streaming Media Server to Kaltura.

There are two major methods of delivering streaming audio and video content over the Web. The first method uses a standard Web server to deliver data to a media player. The second method uses a separate streaming media server specialized to the audio and video streaming task. A streaming server is more efficient and flexible and provides a much better user experience. 

Advantages of using a video streaming server:

  • The ability to handle much larger traffic loads
  • Better audio and video quality to the user
  • The ability to broadcast live events
  • Support for advanced features, such as VCR controls (seek, fast-forward, rewind), live video delivery and delivery of multiple streams.
  • Supports large number of simultaneous users
  • Multiple delivery options
  • Content copyright protection - users can only stream data and are prevented from downloading the file directly to their hard drive.

After request, access to the Streaming Media Server is usually available within 24 hours.

Note: Streaming server is only for instructional use. Each account has a folder limit of 2GB on each server. Only streaming media files are stored on the streaming server. The server is scanned regularly and any non-media files are automatically deleted without warning.

Supported File Types:

  • Video: .wmv .asf .wsx
  • Audio: .mp3 .wma