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Student Resources

Our team is a resource offered to students for times when technology can be challenging. Whether you're newbie on campus or a seasoned student working on a 3rd degree at Purdue, issues may arise with technology and you find yourself unprepared. We offer three methods of assistance: consultations, tutorials, and GoldAnswer articles.


The student trainers provide individual consultations to help you become more proficient with the technology. This should help you here at Purdue and as well as provide a strong foundation for success after graduation. Due to trainers' limited time resources, each student is allowed 2 hours per semester per software for time with a trainer.

A consultation can be requested by clicking the Request a Trainer link in the menu. If you have questions, contact us at itaptrainers@purdue.edu.


When working with the American Sign Language classes and other classes at Purdue, sometimes tutorials are required to help students with specific content. These files are hosted on our web pages and do not require a login or are provided freely by the application developers. Click a link below to begin a tutorial.

Gold Answer Articles

The following links for software assistance are hosted in GoldAnswers, Purdue's online help system. You will need to log in with your Purdue Career Account username and password to use them.