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Be wary of scam “phishing” emails that look like they’re legitimate Purdue business


Desktop files on ITaP-supported computers moving to backed up, secure network storage


Purdue's staff retention on par with national trends


5 things to help faculty survive and thrive during finals week 


Fake retail apps on the rise as the holiday shopping season begins 


New Halstead research supercomputing cluster ready for use by Purdue faculty


SafeRx database enables large-scale study of prescription medication safety


Video captioning at a reduced price now available with Kaltura MediaSpace


DataCenterHub addresses challenges with preserving, sharing research data


Five ways you can improve Purdue’s wireless system


Purdue’s 21st Century Scholars get a boost in graduation rates, academic performance with help from Purdue Promise


Don’t be a 90-pound cyberweakling, pump up your online muscle with strong passwords and two-factor authentication


Lose a laptop, tablet or smartphone and more may be at stake than just a lost device, your data and Purdue’s could also be at risk


Want your students to engage? Tech Today hosts forum on student response technology 


Using caution when opening emails is the best practice to avoid phishing scams


Purdue Libraries, ITaP collaborate on guide to data storage options at Purdue


4 tips for keeping your personal information safe on social media


Active-learning classrooms to increase more than 60 percent in 2017, but success depends on matching instructors to spaces


5 best practices to keep your mobile device (and all its contents) safe


New women in high-performance computing group to hold first meeting Oct. 6


Yahoo customer data breach could affect some Purdue users


Seven virtual reasons to tour the Envision Center during Dawn or Doom 


Major storage upgrade to take home directories, other online storage and services, off line Oct. 8 and 9


Phone scams, known as ‘vishing,’ can be just as disastrous as scam phishing emails


ITaP offers to bring technology fair to colleges and academic departments


New, improved technology spells the end of old-fashioned acetate projectors


Tech Today: Learn how digital badges saved money, boosted confidence and helped students succeed in the lab 


Purdue increases online course offerings by 18 percent from previous academic year


Purdue students can now access WebEx for web conferencing


Purdue part of program to expand XSEDE, the NSF’s Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment


New Forecast “Fitbit for academics” app developed by ITaP focuses on helping students succeed

Need tech support? ITaP's help desk can assist you 08/25/2016
ITaP security analyst offers cybersecurity tips for the start of the semester — and maybe a winning Jeopardy! question 08/23/2016
VoiceThread can help add authenticity to online presentations and discussions 08/22/2016
Purdue part of $15 million, five-year NSF science gateways effort 08/22/2016
ITaP to hold faculty meeting Aug. 30 to discuss new research computing cluster 08/18/2016
ITaP updates classroom technology, computers for fall semester 08/17/2016
12 classroom technology tips to help instructors speed up time to teaching 08/17/2016
ITaP offers Faculty Professional Development program covering technology in the classroom 08/17/2016
Five things you should know about using BoilerCast lecture capture in your course 08/11/2016
New application gives students ability to track their academic behaviors by using their own data 08/03/2016
IMPACT helps faculty create engaging learning environments 07/28/2016
Beware of opening unknown attachments as ‘ransomware’ threatens to take users’ files hostage 07/20/2016
Moving Blackboard Learn will require it to be off line July 22-24 07/07/2016
Class uses virtual reality to gain perspective on real-world issues 06/30/2016
At-risk students can be helped with proactive academic advising 06/29/2016
Purdue’s first-generation students do well in class, but retention is a challenge 06/10/2016
Move of Purdue’s main central data center passes halfway point 06/10/2016
Student supercomputing team from Purdue, Colorado competes in Germany 06/07/2016
ITaP offers workshops for WebEx, Qualtrics and Video Express 05/17/2016
Professor embraces technology, discards very good but ‘boring’ lectures 05/11/2016
Email header alerts Purdue users to probable phishing scams 05/09/2016
New analysis tool can help campus units and students understand complexity of degree requirements; 05/02/2016
Blackboard getting a new face, and some new features, in May 04/28/2016
IMPACT puts course focus on learning outcomes without sacrificing innovation 04/28/2016
ITaP hosts workshops with technology consultants and instructional designers 04/25/2016
Active Learning Platform helps professor reshape biochemistry class 04/21/2016
OpenMP high-performance computing mini course at Purdue set for May 10 04/19/2016
Physicists, ITaP partner to make science of data deluge from more powerful Large Hadron Collider 04/15/2106
Microsoft presenting Azure cloud computing workshop at Purdue April 26 04/14/2016
April users group meetings can help faculty submit final grades, enhance collaboration, and more 04/13/2016
Revealing Zika virus secrets the latest breakthrough enabled by Purdue’s community clusters 04/11/2016
From Blackboard to WebEx, ITaP offers workshops, users group sessions in April 04/04/2016
Federal cost, debt, earnings data indicate that a Purdue degree pays off 04/04/2016
Using distance learning to create “boutique” course topic at Technology Today event 03/30/2016
Purdue’s ISEEK fights global poverty with mobile apps and microloans 03/28/2016
Envision Center’s open house to include new virtual reality treadmill 03/24/2016
IMPACT Symposium focuses on how to create effective student engagement 03/21/2016
Big data research with Hadoop and Spark focus of workshop April 5 03/16/2106
Snyder cluster a key tool in research looking at why eyesight weakens with aging 03/15/2016
Wireless certificate change may generate prompt to accept new certificate 03/09/2016
Professor uses Blackboard to design his digital imaging course 03/07/2016
Rice cluster an essential tool for professor’s drug discovery research 03/03/2016
Move to LON-CAPA saves students money, gives instructors flexibility 03/01/2016
Purdue’s administrative staff shrinks, faculty grows from 2013 to 2015 03/01/2016
ITaP offers spring break workshops on accessibility, software and more 02/25/2016
New hardware, more access points among ongoing improvements to Purdue wireless 02/23/2016
Creating a classroom experience online discussed at next Blackboard Users Group event 02/23/2016
Rice cluster simulations show marine organisms influence mixing when concentrated 02/23/2016
Global collaboration topic of next WebEx Users Group meeting


Software Remote offers students free access to more than 150 software applications


Purdue’s main central data center moving from Freehafer Hall


BoilerMAKER Lab, 3-D printing workshop, featured at next Wireless Wednesday event 


Nearly finished data center consolidation project yields over $1M in energy savings to date


New initiative aims to improve student success via big data analysis


Life science use of Purdue’s research supercomputers experiencing rapid growth


Data Privacy Day offers reminder to be vigilant online, protect personal and Purdue data


Learn about WebEx, Video Express and video apps at an ITaP workshop 


Don’t be duped by tax-related phishing, other scams


Classroom technology tips for instructors can help speed time to teaching


Simple webcam helps instructor bring 3-D reality to online course


Start the second semester with an ITaP technology workshop 


Recent wire transfer, Office 365 email scams at Purdue are a warning to be wary of ‘phishing’


Beware of a new ‘phishing’ attempt that targets the Office 365 email migration


Writing Lab uses Passport digital badges to recognize student tutors’ professional development


ITaP offers finals week workshops: Grade Submit Tool, Video Express, WebEx and Tech Tuesday time-sving tips 


‘Data diary’ assignment in statistics class gets students thinking about big data and how their data is collected, used


Upgrade to Exchange Server 2013 will provide more email storage space, touch-friendly interface


Social media integration and attention management topic of next Wireless Wednesday 


Professor of 3-D animation employs Passport digital badges to help top students stand out in competitive job market 11/16/2015
IMPACT continues to help faculty, students achieve success 11/12/2015
Tablet helps professor break free from the front of the class 11/11/2015
Streamer video server to be deactivated at end of fall semester 11/02/2015
Qualtrics versatility, badging capability focus of next users group meeting 10/23/2015
Yes, there’s an app for that, but first make sure it’s safe, Purdue security expert warns 10/23/2015
Purdue’s ‘murky middle’ students more likely to complete degree with targeted intervention 10/02/2015
Fall break workshops will focus on technology tools for faculty to gauge and engage students, enhance learning 10/01/2015
Incorporating Mixable into high-enrollment classes saves CGT prof ‘boatloads’ of time 09/28/2015
Purdue to retire myMail in 2016, will transition student email to Office 365 09/25/2015
Webinar to focus on creating accessible Word documents 09/22/2015
Creating quizzes as an incentive is focus of next Blackboard Users Group 09/21/2015
Creating engaging videos the focus of next Wireless Wednesday event 09/17/2015
Tech Tuesday to focus on online content and communication using VoiceThread, Camtasia, Piazza, WebEx 09/11/2015
Workshop, users group to focus on Qualtrics, more than a survey tool 09/10/2015
Purdue extends Blackboard Learn contract for two more years following Canvas pilot 09/10/2015
New voice and data services model provides basic telecommunications package, takes advantage of economies of scale 09/10/2015
Active-learning classroom, ITaP supported tools and IMPACT help professor show students that class is relevant 09/09/2015
BoilerCast lecture capture now part of Active Learning Platform 09/02/2015
ITaP offers hands-on workshops for Video Express 09/01/2015
New academic year brings new, updated tech tools for instructors 08/31/2015
Next ITaP Tech Tuesday to focus on Video Express 08/26/2015
Classroom technology tips for instructors can help speed time to teaching 08/25/2015
Software Remote offers free access to more than 200 software applications 08/25/2015
Improvements to student printing come with switch to PaperCut 08/24/2015
Pharmacy professors say flipping classrooms is about making time for active learning 08/21/2015
Professor enriches class discussion using Hotseat, one of several apps available for faculty use 08/21/2015
New Rice community cluster research supercomputer ready for faculty 08/21/2015
Webinar highlights Confluence, the wiki-collaboration tool  08/19/2015
Blackboard workshops designed for anyone teaching, creating course content 08/17/2015
Purdue supercomputer usage, failure data research could make supercomputers more super 08/13/2015
Antivirus software offered by Purdue being updated for Windows 10 08/12/2015
ITaP offers workshops for host of teaching tools: Blackboard, Qualtrics, WebEx, and more  08/12/2015
Apple ending support for Purdue’s iTunesU, users need to move content by Sept. 1 08/10/2015
July OIRAE briefing examines student experiences with Purdue’s undergraduate core curriculum  08/10/2015
Purdue’s online directory gets a new, mobile friendly look 07/28/2105
Office of Admissions launches Passport badges for diversity, presentation and teamwork training 07/24/2015
Revamped Purdue Data Digest provides more visual and interactive user experience 07/24/2015
Deadlines approaching for SharePoint users to review sites 07/21/2015
Purdue again leads the nation in supercomputing systems for campus research 07/17/2015
June OIRAE briefing examines acculturation journey for first-year students  06/30/2015
Most students, some faculty and staff now need to change Purdue passwords only once a year 06/26/2015
Student supercomputing team from Purdue, Colombia aims for super performance in Germany 06/22/2015
ITaP offering training sessions on BoilerBackpack file storage and synchronization system 06/15/2015
Purdue partners with cities to extend wireless network into parts of Lafayette, West Lafayette 06/15/2015
ITaP-supported tools help IMPACT professors connect personally with students, gather useful student feedback  06/12/2015
BoilerCast, IMPACT help class focus on active learning  06/12/2015
WebEx at Purdue gets cost saving teleconferencing component 06/08/2015
ITaP offers training for survey-making software Qualtrics on June 17 06/03/2015
To make a bigger IMPACT, professor talks less and teaches more 06/01/2015
Flipping classroom transforms instructor from lecturer to coach   05/26/2015
Adding app to course helps students Pattern their study habits  05/14/2015
Rice, Purdue’s eighth research supercomputing cluster in as many years, gets off to a running start 05/08/2015
Education students use iPads to get class’s point of view  05/07/2015
Faculty invited to lead or participate in studies related to Purdue Studio teaching and learning tools  05/06/2015
Professor, Envision Center take grasshopper dissection into the virtual realm  04/28/2015
DiaGrid helps advance biomedical imaging for cancer and other diseases  04/28/2015
Professor discusses experiences using Canvas learning management system 04/27/2015
ITaP offers training for Video Express, Qualtrics and more during finals week  04/22/2015
Blackboard Groups helps enable course built on students working together 04/20/2015
Video Express enables students to actively participate in class after pre-recorded lectures 04/17/2015
Professor says affordable textbook program saved his class up to $40,000 04/16/2015
Wireless Wednesday demos to focus on educational app development and implementation 04/13/2015
The perfect graduation gift at a great price with Purdue-negotiated discounts 04/09/2015
Envision Center hosting Google Project Tango technology demo for faculty researchers 04/08/2015
Faculty member weighs in on pros, cons of Canvas learning management system 04/07/2015
Digital textbook development program helps faculty member write the book on hospitality and tourism 03/26/2015
Faculty invited to attend April information sessions on learning management system Canvas 03/25/2015
Spring users group demos include Blackboard homework and quizzes, Qualtrics, Confluence and Web conferencing 03/23/2015
Software pilot facilitates matching faculty and students on research projects 03/09/2015
Spring break workshops cover video tools for faculty and staff, Qualtrics surveys, website and document accessibility 02/26/2015
Pilot program helps political science professor develop innovative, video-rich electronic textbook replacement 02/23/2015
Phishing scam with dangerous attachment commandeers Purdue email addresses 02/12/2015
Security flaws discovered in new Microsoft Outlook mobile app 02/11/2015
February users group meetings highlight Blackboard groups and peer evaluation, WebEx, and more 02/11/2015
Faculty invited to attend Feb. 25 panel discussion on active learning, IMPACT classrooms 02/11/2015
Purdue’s new research supercomputer is designed to fit a variety of computational needs 02/10/2015
Professor implements mastery-based digital badges using Passport 02/09/2015
New data visualization tools illuminate trends in students switching majors, enrollment 01/30/2015
Purdue faculty and staff have professionally staffed video conferencing options 01/29/2015
‘Password’ and ‘123456’ hold top two spots on worst passwords list 01/27/2015
Research Data Depot makes moving video for psychology research easy 01/26/2015
With WebEx in place, Adobe Connect service to end Jan. 30 01/20/2015
Canvas pilot expands to further evaluate next-generation learning management system 01/16/2015
ITaP Tech Tuesdays demo technologies for enhanced teaching and learning, lunch included 01/16/2015
BoilerBackpack now offering mobile cloud storage for business, research files 01/12/2015
HUBzero users to get demo of fast, easy way to create searchable, interactive research databases 01/09/2015
Professors’ use of mobile technology helps prepare students for future careers 01/09/2015
Don’t be duped by tax-related phishing, other scams 01/08/2015
Disabling devices when changing a password can prevent career account lockouts 01/07/2015
Vulnerability prompts ITaP to end Respondus Lockdown Browser pilot and look for alternatives 01/06/2015
Classroom technology tips for instructors can help speed time to teaching 12/29/2014
Get an additional 17 percent off your Dell purchase in January 12/23/2014
Software can assist Web developers, boost Web accessibility benefits at no cost to departments 12/23/2014
January technology workshops for faculty and staff to cover WebEx, Blackboard, video tools 12/19/2014
Purdue-developed Pattern app enables students to track study habits and rate productivity 12/08/2014
Software can help Web developers meet Purdue Web accessiblity standards 12/08/2014
Planned upgrades to enhance popular instructional technology tools over break 12/05/2014
ThinLinc lets Purdue researchers access cluster supercomputers from almost anywhere 12/05/2014
Pharmacy instructors provide students with opportunity to market skills using Passport digital badges 12/04/2014
WebEx, Qualtrics workshops, Blackboard webinars to give faculty and staff a head start on spring 11/21/2014
Demo to show advanced Blackboard Learn features at Dec. 3 BUG meeting 11/13/2014
Electrical engineering professor shares insights on transition to active learning classroom 11/12/2014
New email service will warn Purdue employees when their bank account information is accessed 11/05/2014
Nov. 18 CATME demo to show how software helps instructors manage students teams 11/04/2014
Team of Purdue and Colombian students share a common language — supercomputing 10/31/2014
Add to your holiday savings with discounts through ITaP Shopping 10/30/2014
WebEx Web conferencing software to take center stage at Nov. 4 Tech Tuesday 10/29/2014
Qualtrics, Confluence and Web conferencing users groups to demonstrate advanced software features 10/26/2014
Biology professor uses instructional tools to support in-class active learning 10/23/2014
Hotseat study aims to gauge Purdue app's effect on student learning 10/23/2014
Wireless Wednesday meeting to showcase new active learning classrom Oct. 29 10/16/2014
Tech Tuesday to feature demo of Canvas learning management system 10/14/2014
Help keep personal and University data secure by recognizing and reporting incidents 10/03/2014
‘Vishing’ attempts to hook your sensitive personal information by phone call or voice mail 10/01/2014
Mobile devices are convenient, exposing your data on a lost or stolen device isn’t 10/01/2014
Chemistry professor turns to Passport to teach students basic lab skills 09/26/2014
Oct. 14 workshops for faculty and staff to cover WebEx, transition from Adobe Connect 09/26/2014
Blackboard inline grading and Respondus LockDown Browser to highlight Oct. 7 Tech Tuesday event 09/26/2014
Purdue, Globus partnership gives researchers an easy way to move big data to and from campus 09/25/2014
National Cancer Informatics Program hub building a community to accelerate cancer research, discovery 09/24/2014
Avoid becoming the next victim of 'phishing' emails by asking 7 key questions 09/23/2014
Follow these tips to keep your social media and cloud-stored files secure 09/23/2014
Treat Purdue’s data as securely as you want your own data treated 09/22/2014
Hadoop cluster now available for Purdue researchers analyzing big data 09/16/2014
European science gateway expert speaking at Purdue Oct. 3 09/15/2014
WebEx replacing Adobe Connect as Purdue Web conferencing tool 09/09/2014
ITaP hosting Sept. 16 faculty luncheon to discuss new research data storage, Purdue’s next research supercomputer 09/05/2014
Canvas pilot gives faculty, staff, students a chance to explore next-generation learning management system 09/03/2014
Conference to explore HUBzero, Purdue’s ready-made cyberinfrastructure for research and education 09/03/2014
Virtual environments will help engineering students learn how to inspect bridges 09/03/2014
Faster research network will speed research data travels on Purdue’s campus and off 08/22/2014
Open house, seminars to highlight campus resource for bringing research and teaching to life 08/22/2014
Blackboard integrations help create optimal course experience for students 08/18/2014
Research computing coffee consultations benefit would-be, new and experienced users 08/18/2014
Confluence wiki software gives Purdue users a flexible platform for collaboration 08/18/2014
Blackboard course merge tool tops list of recent technology enhancements for instructors 08/15/2014
ITaP help points users in the right direction on Purdue’s information technology landscape 08/15/2014
Video Express takes pain out of recording lectures for physics professor 08/14/2014
Spanish instructor leverages online video to enhance students' language skills 08/14/2014
Classroom technology tips for instructors can help speed time to teaching 08/12/2014
New server, software upgrade create better BoilerCast system 08/12/2014
Purdue offers computer discounts, hardware recommendations to students 07/25/2014
Computer repair options for students 07/25/2014
Parents, family of incoming students use Hotseat to reinforce information during STAR  07/14/2014
Professor gets students to apply course concepts using Gradient 07/07/2014
ITaP retiring old PAL 2.0 wireless system at end of July 07/01/2014
Purdue cycling hobbyists team up to raise funds for neglected, abused children 06/19/2014
Campus units partner to make AT&T Wi-Fi free to all visitors 06/19/2014
IMPACT — now accepting applications for the fall — continues to help faculty cultivate student-centered curriculum 06/27/2014
Atmospheric science students use Video Express to reach broader audience 06/24/2014
Purdue faculty, campus units getting state-of-the-art storage system for research data 06/20/2014
June workshops offered on Video Express, post-production video tools, Qualtrics 05/28/2014
NVivo research software now freely available to West Lafayette campus users 05/27/2014
Adding captions to online video benefits viewers, meets Purdue policy 05/16/2014
Summer changes to lab and classroom computers to affect users' personal settings 05/02/2014
Faculty and staff can save money on personal computer purchases 04/30/2014
Vulnerability in Internet Explorer prompts individuals to use alternative Web browsers 04/29/2014
Blackboard upgrade to bring requested enhancements in May 04/29/2014
Round-the-world sound recording project for Earth Day gets help from ITaP 04/17/2014
Nursing faculty and students implement Passport badges to measure learning, achievement 04/17/2014
Faculty invited to participate in brief survey on social media practices 04/15/2014
Limit data exposed by Heartbleed Web bug by changing Purdue, other passwords 04/10/2014
Purdue student supercomputing team heads to China for international competition 04/10/2014
Nursing professor finds students comfortable reflecting on values through blogs 04/09/2014
Faculty invited to apply for open textbook workshop 04/08/2014
New central font server provides more than 2,400 typefaces to graphic, Web designers 04/03/2014
Blackboard representatives to visit campus to solicit faculty feedback, preview Service Pack 14 upgrade 04/02/2014
Finals week workshops to introduce faculty and staff to video creation made easy 04/01/2014
Tech Tuesdays events in April to answer faculty's questions on instructional technology 03/26/2014
April users groups to talk tips and trends in teaching and learning technologies 03/25/2014
Faculty praise Purdue's new Conte supercomputer, capacity still available to Purdue researchers 03/25/2014
Faculty, staff urged to upgrade from Windows XP, Office 2003 to dodge cyber hazards 03/24/2014
Purdue-developed Convoy app houses various course materials in single, simple interface 03/14/2014
Envision Center marks ten years of researching visualization and visualizing research 03/14/2014
Access to top-flight supercomputer yields sunny forecast for atmospheric science students 03/12/2014
Online video library gives calculus students a resource to turn to anytime, anywhere 03/10/2014
Spring break workshops to demonstrate Video Express sites, post-production video tools 03/04/2014
New self-service, automated Video Express sites open on West Lafayette campus 03/04/2014
Recent IU data breach serves as reminder to help keep Purdue's sensitive material secure 02/28/2014
Professor's use of i>clicker, Course Signals facilitates student engagement 02/28/2014
Faculty, staff invited to explore learning technologies at new “Tech Tuesdays” events 02/14/2014
New SPSS agreement lifts license limits for West Lafayette campus academic users 02/04/2014
IT Operational Oversight Committee helps guide Purdue’s information technology offerings 02/03/2014
Users groups to discuss latest teaching and learning technologies, share software tips in February 01/31/2014
Course Signals, digital feedback workshops open to instructors 01/23/2014
ITaP upgrades production studio to HD video, reduces studio fee to encourage use 01/23/2014
New email header will alert individuals to probable phishing scams 01/17/2014
As phishing scams rise, ITaP suggests direct links be omitted from Purdue-related messages 01/16/2014
Staff and faculty invited to fill out brief survey on SharePoint training, resources 01/16/2014
10 tips for instructors on using classroom technology 01/02/2014
Pre-semester technology training open to faculty and staff 12/17/2013
Schurz Communications, Purdue award innovation prize to five students 12/10/2013
Confluence upgrade to bring simplified user experience to wikis 12/06/2013
Beware of increased online scams during busy holiday season 12/11/2014
New ITaP Web page helps guide faculty considering Blackboard add-ons 12/04/2013
Purdue’s national prominence in research supercomputing started with the retiring Steele cluster 11/27/2013
ITaP resources for faculty available to facilitate semester transition 11/26/2013
Sign language instructor's use of online video leads to more learning for students 11/19/2013
Finals week technology training to focus on enhancing spring semester courses 11/14/2013
Entrepreneur-in-Residence mentors interactive speech app to market 11/12/2013
Geospatial data project will let almost anyone put almost anything on the map 11/11/2013
Professor adopts technology tools to increase students' active learning opportunities 11/06/2013
New vulnerability scanning tool helps security staff prevent University data theft, damage 11/04/2013
New IT Security Operations Center to enable data-driven decision-making, risk prevention 11/04/2013
Faculty volunteers needed for CourseNetworking, eText pilots 10/29/2013
ITaP Brown Bag series continues with sessions on student assignment and feedback tools, instructional technology evaluation 10/28/2013
November workshops on Camtasia and Qualtrics offered to faculty and staff 10/28/2013
Early faculty users praise Purdue’s new Conte supercomputer, now open to campus researchers 10/28/2013
Recent phishing attempt serves as reminder to exercise caution when opening email 10/25/2013
Web conferencing tools, wikis, mobile technology amoung topics of November users group meetings 10/25/2013
Purdue passwords now need to be changed less frequently due to policy change 10/24/2013
Economics instructor uses Hotseat to guide teaching, increase student engagement 10/23/2013
PAL 3.0 upgrade offers faster, denser, safer Wi-Fi coverage 10/18/2013
Tours of newly consolidated data centers available to encourage future energy savings 10/17/2013
New users group to focus on Confluence wiki software 10/15/2013
Interactive technologies spur student engagement in online diversity course 10/14/2013
Video highlights Carter supercomputer's new high-tech home 10/09/2013
New SharePoint Center of Excellence simplifies processes for University Development Office 10/08/2013
Seminars to cover virtual and augmented reality, modeling and animation, simulated environments 09/30/2013
Fall break workshops to share tips on incorporating multimedia, technology tools in the classroom 09/24/2013
Center for Digital Education picks Jetpack, Passport as top innovations for 2013 09/20/2013
Security tips can help to thwart identity theft for students, employees traveling abroad 09/19/2013
Students, faculty, staff should map career accounts to new server prior to Sept. 26 09/16/2013
October high-performance computing mini course will focus on OpenMP 09/13/2013
Purdue’s DiaGrid hub makes high-level research software easier to use, yields results faster 09/06/2013
Fall users group meetings to address Blackboard security, useful technology topics 09/04/2013
Answers to instructors' common early semester technology questions found on GoldAnswers 09/04/2013
Seven tips to help identify a fraudulent 'phishing' email 08/29/2013
Professor uses key practices, tools to boost interaction in online courses 08/28/2013
HUBbub 2013 conference will spotlight growing use of HUBzero by government, industry 08/28/2013
From first concept to final cut, ITaP's video and multimedia unit meets campus's video needs 08/26/2013
Literacy software and other assistive technology help students reach academic goals 08/26/2013
Additional workshops available to faculty and staff on popular software 08/23/2013
New wireless service lets Purdue travelers connect worldwide, visitors connect on campus 08/22/2013
Open house, tour to highlight campus resource for bringing research and teaching to life 08/21/2013
Tours of new high-tech home for Purdue supercomputer Carter set 08/19/2013
More sophisticated phishing attempts reinforce need for caution, security expert says  08/16/2013
September high-performance computing mini course will focus on MPI 08/16/2013
Fall lunch-hour events for instructors to cover technology topics, teaching tools 08/15/2013
Instructors turn to ITaP student trainers to teach students multimedia software 08/12/2013
New Scholar cluster brings supercomputing to Purdue classrooms 08/09/2013
Luncheon to focus on ability of Conte, Purdue’s newest supercomputer, to accelerate and enhance research 08/08/2013
Conference to explore HUBzero, ready-made cyberinfrastructure for research and education 08/05/2013
New academic year brings new, updated tech tools for instructors 08/05/2013
Faculty and staff technology training open for registration 08/02/2013
Course Signals workshops, coffee breaks open to instructors interested in leveraging student-intervention tool 08/01/2013
Blackboard users should be on guard for phishing scams 07/30/2013
BoilerCast upgrade gives faculty more control, enhanced features 07/25/2013
Blackboard Learn upgrade to take effect Aug. 3 07/25/2013
Carter cluster moves to state-of-the-art modular computer center 07/19/2013
ITaP resources provide answers to common IT questions 07/11/2013
New service will alert individuals to career account changes 07/05/2013
New application specialist provides coaching for SharePoint use, development 07/01/2013
University license gives faculty, staff access to screencasting software Camtasia, Snagit 06/25/2013
Qualtrics workshops for beginners and more advanced users to demonstrate online survey tool’s versatility 06/20/2013
Purdue IT testing Windows 8 to identify issues with compatibility and ease of use 06/20/2013
New IT service alert system pushes emails on unscheduled events 06/18/2013
Purdue builds nation's fastest campus supercomputer-again 06/17/2013
Purdue student supercomputing team headed for competition in Germany 05/30/2013
July computational science and engineering school aimed at grad students, post-docs, faculty and professionals 05/30/2013
Phishing attempt targets Blackboard users 05/24/2013
Clicking links in emails can lead to compromised computers, identity theft 05/20/2013
Revamped course engages students through active learning, technology 05/17/2013
Assistive technology helps mother enjoy spring commencement, son graduate 05/15/2013
Research computing coffee consultations offer benefits for would-be, new and experienced users 05/08/2013
Guru to replace Sage and Mentor academic login servers June 10 05/02/2013
Career account storage limit will rise to 5GB after directory migration in early May 05/02/2013
Blackboard Learn resources facilitate grade submission, end-of-semester tasks 04/22/2013
Blackboard Learn upgrade to bring improved features, user experience to faculty and students 04/19/2013
Purdue researchers using R tool, access to thousands of processors to get results 04/18/2013
Web conferencing survey will help inform campus strategy 04/16/2013
BoilerBackpack gives researchers 100 gigabytes of storage, removes file limits 04/15/2013
Confluence upgrade allows Purdue wikis to be open to the public 04/15/2013
Disabling devices during password resets can prevent career account lockouts 03/26/2013
Engineering professor uses streaming video to teach students sustainable skills 03/07/2013
Software Remote offers free access to more than 200 software applications 02/26/2013
Virtual environment makes Purdue’s real-life accessible biology wet lab available worldwide 02/22/2013
Faculty, students say BoilerCast’s effect on learning is positive 02/04/2013
Professor uses in-class i>clicker feedback to help guide instruction 01/28/2013
AT&T Wi-Fi available to Purdue visitors 07/11/2013
Course Signals now available in Blackboard Learn 01/10/2013
PURR provides a campus hub for research data management 01/07/2013
Monthly videos offer free cyber security advice to help staff protect data 01/07/2013
Passport's badge-based platform guides students toward learning outcomes 01/02/2013
Students gain new perspectives on supercomputing, breakfast, mattresses 11/15/2012
Purdue student supercomputing team has had its coffee and is off and running 11/12/2012
Hotseat helps boost engagement in large-enrollment courses 11/09/2012
Get help using ITaP services in Windows 8 11/08/2012
ITaP’s assistive technology specialists help enable remote classroom captioning 11/07/2012
Purdue’s new top-ranked research supercomputer getting good grades from faculty 10/25/2012
Biology instructor transforms his lecture course one new technology tool at a time 09/11/2012
New HUBzero version has extensive research team coordination, collaboration features 08/31/2012
Returning Wi-Fi users asked to update settings to prevent service disruption 08/23/2012
Workshop highlights free, fast BLAST processing with friendly interface for faculty and their students 08/13/2012
Faculty, staff invited to test new service and receive 100 gigabytes of free space 08/13/2012
Let ITaP help guide your computer purchases 07/30/2012
Avoid clicking suspect links, providing personal info due to recent phishing scams 07/30/2012
Pegasus project leader, White House advanced manufacturing adviser to speak at HUBzero conference 07/27/2012
Course redesign experience highlights Blackboard Learn advantages for faculty, graduate students 07/26/2012
ITaP’s Customer Service Center moves to more convenient location in Stewart center library space 07/26/2012
Purdue early warning system Course Signals wins national award for student retention 07/19/2012
Follow these password guidelines to keep your data and Purdue's systems secure 07/12/2012
Luncheon to focus on new Purdue supercomputer’s ability to accelerate and enhance research 06/11/2012
Magazine picks Hotseat, DoubleTake and Mixable as top innovations for 2012 06/01/2012
Faculty use, student downloads increasing demand for class recordings 05/22/2012
Last chance for students to purchase Microsoft products, March 31 04/27/2012
Blackboard Learn’s tools facilitate students’ writing and online presentations 04/26/2012
Professor, ITaP seek faculty to collaborate on new learning technology 04/23/2012
OLS professor and students in Blackboard Learn pilot give positive mid-semester appraisal 03/30/2012
New Blackboard Learn tools elicit greater interaction among online students in pilot 03/30/2012
Mixable aids in online ‘treasure hunt’ for statistical references 03/13/2012
Nursing professor customizes upper-level courses with Blackboard Learn’s options 02/20/2012
New PAL 3.0 offers faster, denser, safer Wi-Fi coverage 02/14/2012
New Windows-based cluster supercomputer now available to Purdue researchers 02/08/2012
JetPack serves as textbook alternative in new computer science course 01/27/2012
Moving research to energy efficient community cluster saves time and money 01/04/2012
Professor enjoyed redesigning aviation technology course for online delivery 12/19/2011
Follow these tips to keep your Facebook account secure 11/03/2011
Using clickers and active-learning methods helps engage students in engineering design course 10/3/2011
New Hansen research supercomputer activated, capacity still available to faculty 09/19/2011
Professor finds BoilerCast lecture-capture system boosts student learning 08/25/2011
Interactive applications help agronomy students learn about feeding the world’s population 08/19/2011
Purdue research computing resources for faculty among best in the nation 08/19/2011
Students: One last chance to buy Microsoft products 08/11/2011
Mixable application engages students in nontraditional ways 08/10/2011
Get to myMail faster by updating your bookmark 08/04/2011
Virtual ICU created by faculty, ITaP partnership supports research and training 06/01/2011
Integrating technology in agronomy courses enhances the learning environment 04/18/2011
Blackboard online assessments help first-year Spanish students speak more fluently 03/24/2011
Future athletic rivals, Nebraska and Purdue are teammates in research computing 02/28/2011
Maximize your use of Microsoft Office with GoldAnswers tips 02/22/2011
Faculty, ITaP partnership looks at making 3-D projection a classroom staple 02/16/2011
FootPrints software forges campus-wide path for IT incident management 02/07/2011
ITaP, faculty partnership looks at Lake Michigan in depth — without anybody getting wet 01/26/2011
BoilerCast turns up the volume on learning through lectures 01/13/2011
HUBzero open source release is a hub-in-a-box, without the box 01/10/2011
Madagascar’s unique animal population probably floated there to start 01/10/2011
GoldAnswers offers tips and tutorials for myMail access and more via smartphone 12/02/2010
Colder temperatures, hotter technology: ITaP introduces fall innovations, improvements 10/28/2010
ITaP simulation gives preservice special-education teachers practice with classroom decisions 10/13/2010
ITaP project assists faculty with expert help in converting courses for distance learning 09/29/2010
GoldAnswers offers tips and tutorials for course email lists 09/22/2010
Renovated ITaP instructional computing lab promotes collaboration, mobility 08/25/2010
GoldAnswers helps faculty bring out best of Blackboard for students 08/23/2010
ITaP gets animated over cybersecurity training 08/17/2010
Mainframe decommissioning project months ahead of schedule 06/28/2010
Apple releases update to address wireless issues 06/11/2010
Maximize your use of SharePoint with GoldAnswers tips 06/05/2010
Global warming could eventually make half the Earth’s population centers too hot to handle 05/05/2010
NASA, Purdue study offers recipe for global warming-free industrial materials 05/04/2010
ITaP makes connecting to VPN service easier 03/04/2010
Students: Hang up your coat, use Software Remote for lab software 02/25/2010
GoldAnswers tips help you work when away from the office 02/22/2010
ITaP offers option for additional email storage space 02/15/2010
DiaGrid: Purdue puts SC09 supercomputing conference computers to work on science 01/25/2010
Purdue research-computing grid is no 'Toy Story,' but a new animated video about it is close 01/25/2010
Purdue, NASA research provides blueprint for molecular basis of global warming 01/25/2010
Study gives clearer picture of how land-use changes affect U.S. climate 01/25/2010
Research suggests urban sprawl, wet falls and winter affect severe weather 01/25/2010
Patient safety focus of immersive virtual environment for training pharmacists 01/25/2010
Encore to ITaP’s first supercomputer barn-raising is even better than the original 01/25/2010
It's always polite to share, and SharePoint makes it easier 10/30/2009
Manage your email — archive to retain, delete without refrain 10/27/2009
Manage your email — advanced archiving increases access and success 10/27/2009
Manage your email — don't get too attached to large files 10/27/2009
Manage your email — delete items a second time 10/27/2009
Manage your email — use self-discipline with self-storage of data 10/27/2009
Purdue researchers propose method to image electron wavefunctions 09/25/2009
GoldAnswers knowledge base shines new light on self-support tech service 07/09/2009
Before calling tech support ... try this! 06/30/2009
Learning any time, anywhere with ITaP services 06/30/2009
Virtual clean room to enhance training for pharmacy students 09/19/2008

Five ways you can improve Purdue's wireless system