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Purdue email storage limit increases and owa.purdue.edu replaces exchange.purdue.edu

Users of ITaP’s Exchange services saw some changes when it came to email in fall 2009.

A new Web interface with a different address, http://owa.purdue.edu, now provides access to Exchange services in place of http://exchange.purdue.edu.

Also, an increase in default storage-limit quotas from 500 MB to 1 GB, as well as other upgrades, took effect after ITaP migrated Exchange email accounts to different servers. The process involved a series of migrations that took place over several weeks in September.

Users now must access Exchange email services on the Web from a new Web page, http://owa.purdue.edu. The old Web page for Exchange email access, http://exchange.purdue.edu, will not be available to those with migrated accounts.

Users are advised to update their bookmarks to the new http://owa.purdue.edu Web page.

BlackBerrys automatically picked up new server settings. Other smartphones will need their server address updated to http://owa.purdue.edu.

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Last updated: Jan. 25, 2010