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Apple machines added to SMARTcomputing program

Apple desktops and laptops are now available through SMARTcomputing — Purdue’s institutional-computer purchasing program that emphasizes savings, support, community and security.

Available Apple models for faculty and staff computers include: MacBook Pro laptops with 13-, 15 or 17-inch displays; iMac desktops with 20- or 24-inch displays; and the Mac Pro desktop with a 24-inch display. Across all available models, users will have options from which to choose for processors, memory and warranties.

Also, a centralized Apple Remote Desktop management tool may be used that will automatically and regularly secure and update Apple machines purchased through SMARTcomputing. Onsite training will be available for Apple Remote Desktop technicians.

All SMARTcomputing machines sport business-class power and will receive optimal technical support through an alliance formed by Purdue’s IT community.

“We’re happy to add Apple machines to the SMARTcomputing program and look forward to reaching a new portion of the institutional-computing audience at Purdue,” says Diane Hawkins, SMARTcomputing program manager.

Created in 2007, SMARTcomputing is a joint project of distributed departmental IT and ITaP — Purdue’s central information technology organization. The campus-wide program offers a partnership-based, cost-effective and security-minded approach to Mac and PC workstation purchases and management.

With volume discounts surpassing even the University’s premier pricing, SMARTcomputing lowers the hardware costs of faculty and staff computers. Additional benefits and savings result from central software pushes and security patches that free up departmental IT resources to focus on more strategic initiatives. Lastly, the program’s scope encourages all West Lafayette-campus departments to participate in its steering and oversight committees.

For more information, or to inquire about placing an order, visit the SMARTcomputing Web site or contact SMARTcomputing program manager Diane Hawkins at 49-62526 or by email.

Writer: Nick Rogers, technology writer, Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP), (765) 496-8204, rogersn@purdue.edu

Last updated: Sept. 29, 2009