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Returning Wi-Fi users asked to update settings to prevent service disruption

A change that occurred this summer in the security certificate for the Purdue Wi-Fi service, Purdue Air Link (PAL), should help better protect students, staff and faculty returning to campus against phishing attempts from individuals trying to collect username and password information from an unauthorized wireless access point.

Some PAL users may need to update settings on their wireless devices to account for the security change in the system. Laptop users of PAL in particular could be affected, as well as some users of smartphones and other mobile devices. 

Running XpressConnect should automatically select the new certificate, which Purdue began using with  PAL July 10, 2012. The automated system is cross platform and works with both Windows and Apple devices.

To run XpressConnect, use the device's wireless network finder and connect to the network "PAL2.0-Instructions" or "PAL Setup." Once connected, open a Web browser and visit any website. When the PAL setup Web page loads automatically, click on the XpressConnect link in the navigation menu.

“Running XpressConnect on your personally-owned devices can reduce service disruptions,” says Dwight Snethen, director of customer service, IT service management and quality assurance.  “If you experience issues connecting a University-supported device, you may need to contact your local IT support staff.”

Another method to update your laptop or device is to manually configure the PAL setup to accept the new certificate. Instructions can be found by searching for “PAL” in GoldAnswers, Purdue’s online database for answering information technology-related questions, or by contacting the Customer Service Center by phone at (765) 494-4000; by email at itap@purdue.edu; online through ITaP’s Web form; or in person on the main floor in the Humanities, Social Science and Education Library in Stewart Center.

Writer: Jade Case, IT technical writer, ITaP, (765) 496-3152, cloudj@purdue.edu

Sources: Dwight Snethen, director of customer service, IT service management and quality assurance, 765-496-1035, dsnethen@purdue.edu

Last updated: Aug. 23, 2012