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Computer repair options for students

Just like your car, a computer needs routine maintenance and occasional repairs. For students encountering computer problems while they are away at college, however, finding a qualified and affordable computer repair shop can be challenging. ITaP has some suggestions to ease the process.

 “Always start by checking the warranty status of the computer,” says Dwight Snethen, director of customer service and quality assurance with ITaP. “If the computer is still under warranty, you can work with the manufacturer for any hardware, and sometimes software, repair.”

If the computer is out of warranty, or the repair isn’t covered by a warranty, there are several computer repair shops located in the Greater Lafayette area.

Those include, but are not limited to:

Snethen recommends calling multiple companies to compare pricing on services before dropping the computer off. Moreover, parents should remind their children to always get price quotes in writing before signing any contract.

ITaP does not endorse any company, and any negotiation or contract is between the purchaser and vendor. Purdue University is not a party to sale; negotiations to resolve any disputes with the vendor will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

ITaP also encourages students to search Purdue’s self-help knowledge base Gold Answers for solutions to common technology-related problems.

Writer: Jade Case, it technical writer, Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP), 765-496-3152, cloudj@purdue.edu

Last updated: Nov. 8, 2011