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ITaP Classroom/Lab Computer Setup

Service Description:

We install an ITaP classroom/lab computer on furniture you provide; we require suitable power outlets (2) and a Purdue Internet Connection (PIC) to be available close by.  We will pay for the PIC reoccurring costs.  Machine will be replaced on a five year cycle as that particular model is replaced in the classroom/labs.  Computer will have identical software load as classroom/lab computers.


Any Purdue department, for instructional use only.

To request service:

Send an email to itap@purdue.edu

Related Costs:
  • Classroom/Lab computer (includes monitor, keyboard, and mouse)  $150/year
  • Classroom/lab computer software licenses (per seat, not floating), $30/year
  • 10/100T-SW-A PIC on classroom/lab subnet, current rate, about $120.72/year
  • Keyserver licenses: $6 each for the first year, $1 each successive year
How to report problems or issues:

Contact ITaP’s Customer Service Center by email, phone (49-44000), Web form or in person at the main floor of the Humanities, Social Science, and Education Library (HSSE) - Stewart Center 135.


Anytime, but not for terms less than one year.


Last updated 08/29/2013