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ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution

Software Licensing and Distribution provides services associated with the establishment and retention of software agreements between Purdue University and software vendors, and the distribution of the resulting licensed software under the terms of these agreements.

Due to the beginning of the Fall Semester and technical issues ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution is experiencing with the Filelocker service, software registration processing and product distribution may take longer than normal to fulfill.


  • SPSS 23 Premium for personally-owned machines is now available.  8/17/15
  • Office for Mac 2016 for University owned computers is now available. 8/14/15
  • Microsoft Windows 10 for University owned computers is now available. 8/12/15
  • Filelocker services are currently running at diminished capacity, so there may be slight delays in the fulfillment of some normal software reuqests.  This issue is being worked on by the maintainers of the service.  7/22/15
  • JMP 12 is now available for distribution.  Please see the SAS JMP Product Page for information, eligibility requirements, and the needed registration form.    6/16/15
  • Maple 2015, the newest version of the software, is now available.  Product information, eligibility requriements, and the required registration is available on the Maple Product Page.    6/15/15
  • NVivo has been renewed for an additional year of use.  All current users registered with ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution can go to the NVivo Renewal Page for details.  New users interested in NVivo can find details on obtaining the software on the NVivo Product Page.    5/15/15
  • ITaP is providing updated information on Microsoft’s free Office 365 offer to students, faculty and staff for personally owned computers. See the Office 365 Product Page for details.    1/30/15
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 is now available for University owned computers. See the Adobe Product Page for details.    6/28/15

Software Distribution

Purdue University offers several popular software packages to individuals, departments, and colleges at the University.  Availability restrictions, versions offered, distribution means, and cost of software result from the agreement details between Purdue University and the specific software vendor.  Please see the appropriate link below for details on the software available:


Software for Students on personally-owned machines


Software for Faculty and Staff on personally-owned machines


Software for Departmental or College use on University-owned machines

For questions regarding the software available, please send e-mail to itap-licensing@purdue.edu

Software Distribution Desk

The ITaP Software Distribution Desk offers software products on DVD-ROM media for 24-hour, in-person checkout.  After installation, the media must be returned to the Software Distribution Desk by 2 PM the following Business Day.  Access to a DVD-ROM drive is required.  Please see the specific software product page for distribution details, including whether physical media is available.  For the location of the Software Distribution Desk and its hours of operation, please see:


Software Licensing 

ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution handles the licensing and agreement renewal of many software products.  Services include:

  • Review agreement licensing terms and conditions
  • Assist Purchasing and Contracts with agreement negotiations
  • Organize established cost-participation between sponsors
  • Communicate with vendors regarding licensing and distribution
  • Agreement renewal notification and preparation