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MacOS Sierra (10.12), the newest version of the Macintosh Operating system, is not fully compatible with MATLAB.  MacOS Serra introduced changes that have impacted some of Matlab's localization functions, affecting serval non-United States language and region configurations. MathWorks strongely recommends that Matlab users do not upgrade to MacOS 10.12 if they use non-US regional and language configurations, and only install Matlab on Macs with OS X 10.11 or lower to prevent possible character data corruption and user interface errors.


MathWorks MATLAB is an integrated development environment and computer language that enables users to perform computationally intensive tasks.  The software is used for numerical computation tasks, visualization, and mathematical programming.

For more details, see http://www.mathworks.com/products/matlab.

In addition to MATLAB and Simulink, licenses for several MATLAB Toolboxes have been purchased and may be available for use.  The number of Toolbox licenses available on the server at any one time varies.  Some products have an extremely limited number available for use.



The West Lafayette, Calumet, and North Central campuses are covered under this agreement.  For Purdue-related instructional and research activities.  Installation is approved for Purdue owned and personally owned computers of Purdue faculty and staff that are not classified in any way as a student.

Current Distributed Version: 2016a

This software is not available to students.



Purdue has a limited number of licenses for concurrent network-licensed use of MATLAB.  For teaching and non-commercial research use only.  Versions are available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix (including Linux) to those eligible. This software must be fully uninstalled from personally owned equipment when association with the University ends or status change results in ineligibility.  This agreement is currently funded by ITaP and ECN.
By the nature of our agreement with MathWorks, student use on personally owned machines is specifically prohibited and any student status disqualifies an individual from use of MATLAB under this agreement.  Students wishing to use MATLAB must use the product on Purdue owned machines or via ITaP's Software Remote service.


ITaP's Software Distribution Desk handles requests for Matlab by IT groups, and individuals on the West Lafayette Campus. For Purdue-owned machines administered by an IT organization such as ITaP, CLA-IT, or ECN, please contact your IT group for assistance.  Individuals on the North Central and Calcument campuses requesting MATLAB for their personal machines should contact their campus IT department.

To request Matlab, please fill out the registration request form below. The signed form needs to be delivered to the ITaP Distribution Desk.  There you will have the opportunity to check out the necessary install media on 24-hour loan.  Be sure to bring your PUID so that eligibility can be confirmed.

Forms Icon Matlab Registration

Matlab is not available for distribution via download.

DVD Disc Physical media is required for installation.  You musst have either an interneral or external optical DVD drive to install Matlab on your computer.

Because of the licensing terms and demand for this product, we cannot honor requests to campus mail the installation discs.  MATLAB Installation discs must be picked up by the registered end-user or their delegate from ITaP's Software Distribution Desk.  The signed registration form must be presented at the time of media pick-up.

To use Matlab under this agreement, your computer must have a persistent connection to Purdue's network -- either directly or via VPN if off-campus.  MATLAB will timeout during use unless it can connect to the University MATLAB licesnese server.  Non-networked use of MATLAB is not available under this agreement.

For help setting up a VPN connection, please see:




ITaP Licensing offers limited support of this product, covering issues with software installation and licensing. Please send e-mail to itap-licensing@purdue.edu with details, including the exact text of any warnings received and the steps during installation or use where the issue arises.

For all other product support requests, please contact MathWorks directly at http://www.mathworks.com/support/.


Contact Information

ITaP Licensing can be contacted at itap-licensing@purdue.edu Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Response to inquiries will usually be one business day or less.

For form submission, visit the ITaP Software Distribution Desk.