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A Registration Form is now required to obtain a license key for NVivo. Please see the Distribution section below for details.

NVivo Pro

NVivo Pro from QSR International analyzes forms of unstructured data, allowing quick integration using built-in query and visualization functions.

To request a copy of NVivo Pro for installation on either a University owned or personally owned Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh computer, see the Distribution section below.  All licenses provided expire towards the end of May each year.  A new License Key must be requested yearly by completing a Registration Form and your version of NVivo upgraded to the currently distributioned version available in the Distribution section below.

For a detailed description of NVivo Pro, see the QSR International website: http://www.qsrinternational.com/product.


NVivo is offered at no cost to end-users under a limited-count campus site license.  The software license provided can be used to install NVivo Pro on Purdue-owned or personally owned computers for students, faculty, and staff from the West Lafayette campus only.  The current distributed version is available for the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X operating system platforms. 

This software must be fully uninstalled from personally owned computers upon graduation from Purdue, when association with the University ends, or your status changes resulting in ineligibility as described above.

Available To
West Lafayette Campus
North West Campus
IPFW Campus

Current Distributed Version: 11

Previous versions of NVivo are not available to distribute.  Other products from QSR International are not covered under this agreement.


Purdue's agreement with QSR International provides 1-year limited term licenses for NVivo Pro for both Academic and Administrative use.  This means that your use of NVivo will only be licensed during the 12-month term of Purdue's agreement for NVivo Pro.  Renewal of Purdue's agreement with QSR International at the end of this term is dependent on sponsor approval and funding.  Upon the yearly renewal of this agreement, requests for an additional year of NVivo Pro use will be accepted.  See the Renewal section below for details.


A license key is required from ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution to use this software.   Without this key, the software will expire after the trial period ends and you will not be able to use the software any longer.

To request your NVivo license key, please complete the NVivo Registration form that can be downloaded from the link below. 

  • Check that all appropriate blanks on the form have been completed
  • Review licensing terms above the signature line
  • Sign form with a handwritten signature
  • Submit signed and completed form to ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution
NVivo Registration Form NVivo Registration Form

Incomplete, unsigned, or improperly signed forms cannot be processed.  Competed and signed registration forms should be scanned into a PDF or JPG file, and attached to an e-mail sent from your @purdue.edu e-mail account to itap-licensing@purdue.edu.  No other file type can be accepted.  If you cannot scan the registration form, a printed copy can be delivered in person to the ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution office during normal business hours.  Please see the ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution Office page for location and hours of operation.

Once eligibility has been confirmed, your license key for NVivo will be provided to you within two business days.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation to your @purdue.edu e-mail address with instructions on downloading your license key via ITaP's Filelocker service.  You will use the provided key when installing NVivo from one of the links below.

The NVivo software installer can be immediately downloaded directly from the QSR International website at the links below.  Click the appropriate link for your operating system:

Download NVivo Pro 11 (Windows 64-bit) For Windows 64-bit systems.
Download NVivo Pro 11 (Windows 32-bit) For Windows 32-bit systems.
Download NVivo 11 for Mac For Mac OS X systems.

For help finding out whether your Windows system is 32-bit or 64-bit, please see the Windows Information instruction page.


The current license for NVivo will expire on Friday May 27, 2017.  Upon Purdue's renewal of this product's agreement for an additional term, a new license key can be requested by sending an e-mail with a new Registration form to itap-licensing@purdue.edu from your @purdue.edu e-mail address.  Once eligibility has been confirmed, your new NVivo license key will be made available to you within 48 business hours via ITaP's Filelocker service at http://filelocker.purdue.edu.  The requester will receive an e-mail confirmation when the new request has been processed.

You must upgrade to the currently distributed version of NVivo at renewal.  Your new key will not work with older versions of the product.


ITaP Licensing and Distribution offers limited support of this product, covering some issues with software installation and licensing.  Please send e-mail to itap-licensing@purdue.edu with details, including the exact text of any warnings received, screenshots, and the steps during installation where the issue arises.

For all other product support requests, please contact QSR International directly at http://www.qsrinternational.com/support.aspx.

Contact Information

ITaP Licensing can be contacted at itap-licensing@purdue.edu Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.  Response to inquiries will usually be one business day or less.