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Tell your story from anywhere

With mobile applications available for iPhone and Android (coming soon),
students can create and submit their coursework from the field.

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DoubleTake simplifies the process of using video
as a viable alternative for course assignments.

What is DoubleTake?

Create video anywhere

Doubletake on a mobile phone

DoubleTake is a mobile video sharing system designed specifically for students to use with their courses. Using the DoubleTake mobile application, Students can capture, share, and watch videos from virtually anywhere using their smart phone. The system also has a Web interface where videos can be uploaded in various formats and automatically shared with others. Once uploaded to the DoubleTake system, the video is encoded and available for playback within minutes on many different mobile devices.

Assignments and assessments

Doubletake on a mobile phone

DoubleTake provides instructors an easy way to assign, manage, and grade student video projects. Students can use the DoubleTake mobile application to produce and submit videos for course assignments or, alternatively, upload captured video through a separate Web interface. With the help of an online rubric editor, instructors can use faculty-designed assessments as a scorecard for both teacher and peer evaluation. Scores for the graded submissions are gathered in a report for inclusion with an LMS gradebook.

Supercomputer meets cell phone

mobile computing power

Videos submitted to DoubleTake are encoded using cycles from idle machines in campus computer labs, offices, and supercomputing clusters. With the support of DiaGrid’s 30,000 processor network, students have the equivalent of a movie studio-sized render farm in their pocket. And while DoubleTake systems are not encoding video, their processing power is available for scientific research.

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