Introducing Hotseat


Enabling collaborative micro-discussion in and out of the classroom

Hotseat, a social networking-powered mobile Web application, creates a collaborative classroom, allowing students to provide near real-time feedback during class and enabling professors to adjust the course content and improve the learning experience. Students can post messages to Hotseat using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, sending text messages, or logging in to the Hotseat Web site.

Watch these Hotseat videos

Demonstrating the features and functionality included in Hotseat as well as a student produced video providing insights on Hotseat's use in the classroom.

Hotseat at Purdue University
What it does and how it works
Hotseat in your own words
Recapping Hotseat in the classroom
Social sites aid education
WLFI 18 Newscast

One source of data, your choice of access


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Hotseat users can provide input on the class discussion by using Twitter hash tags that are unique to each topic. Tweets are filtered to those submitted by students participating in the course.


Facebook Icon

For students who prefer Facebook to stay connected, Hotseat provides an application hosted by Facebook. This custom Facebook application provides the same experience as the Hotseat Web application.

Web Application

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Faculty and students can contribute, or watch the discussion unfold in near real-time from virtually anywhere using the Hotseat Web application.

Mobile Devices

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Didn't bring your computer to class? Hotseat provides access to the discussion from most mobile devices, including iPhone and iPod Touch.

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