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Connect to classes using devices and sites most familiar to students

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Using Mixable, students can build and share their personal learning environments by using the open tools they are already familiar with - such as Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox. Mixable is also built within Facebook - the online headquarters for most college students - to make use of a student’s existing network of friends.

Mixable on a Desktop

Web Application

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Mixable is available as an independent Web application for those students who don’t have, or wish to use, their Facebook account. Students can share information and resources from Facebook or mobile device, and the information is aggregated into a unified conversation.

Mixable on a Phone

Mobile Devices

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Didn’t bring your laptop with you? Mixable provides access to conversations and resources from many smartphones - including Android and iPhone. Coupled with file syncing services provided by Dropbox, students can access files shared through Mixable from virtually anywhere.

How does Mixable work?


Learning Networks

Mixable acts as social overlay that students can use to connect with Facebook friends who share the same courses and learning communities. Also like Facebook, these class connections are not limited by semester, but exists throughout the student’s academic career.


Dropbox File Sharing

Mixable integrates with Dropbox to provide an alternative to USB flashdrives and email attachments. Dropbox files can be shared across classes or with individual users while the student ultimately remains in possession of the file. Files stored within Dropbox are available online, and synced with the student’s laptop and smartphone.



Using a set of context and media filtering options, students can build a collection of shared resources that are personalized and relevant. Rather than using multiple tools, Mixable uses a single input box that filters media by examining link details - automatically building lists of bookmarks, images, video, and files.


Course Connections

Mixable builds connections by blending the student’s course enrollment information with their network of friends that already exists within Facebook. These connections enable students to scale learning networks across courses or with small groups.



Students can play back audio recordings of their classes from Purdue's BoilerCast lecture capture system - providing direct access to the same material available through iTunes U. Using an embedded player, students can listen in from their smartphone or Facebook page.



Mixable provides a number of different privacy options. Students can choose to connect with one or all of their classes, or they can simply follow the conversation. Mixable can also be used stand-alone, without connecting to Facebook.

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