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Effective Friday January 4th, 2013, unread voice mail messages in the Purdue voice mail system will be deleted 99 days after arrival. This will affect only messages in a voice mail inbox that have not been read after 99 calendar days. Please call 44719 for more information.


We want to make your life easier! ORDER the newest generation of digital or analog phones.

  • Large displays
  • Personal Directories
  • Purdue Staff Directory
  • Caller ID Log
  • Customizable Key Labels
  • Customizable Ring Tones
3904 Multiline Phone
M3904 Telephone

ATTACH one of our corded or cordless headsets.

cs540 headset  
CS40 Cordless Headset  

ADD a Voice Mail box or Departmental tree.

REQUEST a site visit . (to coordinate a Departmental move or evaluate your Telecommunication needs).

SEEK training for telephones, voicemail, customer service.

To order any of our equipment or services you must be an authorized user, use the "Purdue Telecommunications Service Request" form . If you are not an Authorized user please contact your Business Office. See Rates for monthly pricing.

For more information, call Voice Services main office at
49-44719 or e-mail us at telephone@purdue.edu .