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Purdue University CallPilot Unified Messaging System

To order CallPilot service:
Authorized users – order on-line with TEL Services Request Form
Unauthorized users – contact your business office

Quick setup (40553):
Users will need to setup their voice mailboxes by recording a new greeting and personal verification (spoken name). Otherwise callers will hear “Mailbox number XXXXX, please leave a message”.

Call Pilot Quick Setup
To set up your CallPilot mailbox:
Dial: 40553
Enter mailbox (usually last 5 digits of phone number)
Touch # (pound)
Enter password (default is 49 + mailbox number)
Touch # (pound)
Follow prompts to change password (New password must be 5 to 16 digits)
Change Greeting: 8 2 1 5 (record) # 4 (return to main menu)
Change Personal Verification: 8 2 9 5 (record) # 4 (return to main menu)

My CallPilot web portal
Each voice mailbox will be given access to a web portal called My CallPilot https://vmail.purdue.edu/mycallpilot. You will be prompted for your mailbox number and password (default password is 49 + mailbox number). NOTE: Use default password if you have not changed your password through the phone.

My CallPilot (web portal) provides a proprietary player to record greetings/messages in the .vbk format, but it is not required. You can still log in to My CallPilot, play messages, access Features (change password, message notification, message forwarding, change revert (“0” out of mailbox) and Useful Information (parameters for mailbox, help info, user guides) without this player. If you wish to download the player, but cannot due to restrictions on your pc, contact your technical support staff for assistance.

Express Messaging (49944)
Express Messaging allows you to call or transfer to a voice mailbox without ringing the phone. Call or transfer to 49944. You will be prompted for the mailbox number and #. The caller’s personal verification (spoken name) will play. If the voice mailbox has not been personalized, the mailbox number and greeting will play.

See links below for User Guides and FAQ’s:

Quick Reference

User Guides

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • Training - CallPilot training is available at no charge. We can stop by staff meetings for quick question and answer sessions, meet with individuals, or conduct a full demonstration in our training room.
  • Call 44719 for questions
  • Email telephones@purdue.edu