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Voice Mail

Prevents you from missing important calls if you are out of the office or talking on the telephone. Confidential, detailed messages can be sent and received 24 hours a day. Messages can be retrieved from any location on or off campus.

  • Add paging to your cell phone or Blackberry. You will know when a message has been left in your office voicemail box.
  • Add a "Revert" option ("press 0 to speak to an attendant").

Voice Mail Trees

  • Free up valuable employee time
  • Provide consistent 24 x 7 service to the customer
  • Direct callers through menus to leave messages
  • Provide information to customers
Call 44719 to have a customized Departmental tree designed by one of our specialists.

To request any voice mail service you must be an authorized user, use the "Purdue Telecommunications Service Request form. If you are not an Authorized user please contact your Business Office.