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2) What Works in Teaching and Technology?
Bridge your morning and afternoon sessions with a Technology Tools "Round Robin". The "Round Robin" will include an introduction, demo and Q/A on the following tools:

- How do I engage students in large lectures? See how the clicker student response system is used to create active learning within a lecture format.
Purdue Studio Applications
- How can you create interactions with students in and out of the classroom? Look at the Purdue created apps Hotseat and Mixable for feedback, engagement and outside group projects.
Blackboard Learn Content Release and Effective Assessments
- How to you control the release of course material to specific students based on certain conditions? Using adaptive release features automate the display of content, quizzes, exams and other materials.
- How do you host and share media for students? Kaltura is a web-based application that supports most forms of rich media, has an easy connection to Blackboard and allows multiple platform access, including mobile devices.
- How do you capture and reuse a lecture for students to view? BoilerCast is set up in select classrooms and may be scheduled ahead of time. Video capture may be uploaded to the web and accessed through Blackboard.
Digital Feedback
- How do you provide effective student feedback to assist students in reaching their academic goals? Examine features with Course Signals, Blackboard Retention Center and PassNote for providing feedback.
- How do you easily create and distribute online surveys? A Purdue supported online survey tool with panel email options and data summaries for reporting.

Prerequisites : None

Date :
May 06, 2014

Time :
11:30 - 01:00 PM

Technical Requirement :
Spaces Remaining: 22
This workshop has concluded.