End User Experience

The ITaP End User Experience Unit focuses on engagement with faculty, students and staff to ensure timely, quality service and ease of use while minimizing time to resolution when incidents occur. Teams include: 

  1. Customer Service Center
    • Provides a single point of contact for reporting and troubleshooting ITaP services. Access is provided via phone, email and walk-in service.
    • Develops, implements, assesses, communicates and maintains ITaP's customer-service quality program and the GoldAnswers knowledge base
    • Provides oversight for service and support of customers using Cooperative Services Desktop Support (CSDS) desktop environments
  2. IT Service Management
    • Oversees programs that provide students, faculty and staff with software and hardware discounts available through ITaP Shopping and ITaP Software Distribution
    • Manages a collaborative university-wide systems provisioning and management initiative, called SMARTcomputing, and a central digital signage program, built on FourWinds Interactive software.
    • Provides an integration point (IT Service Management Office) for delivery of services provided by ITaP's units in order to ensure that services provided are aligned to the needs of campus
    • Oversees Communications team responsible for marketing IT services to campus constituents via the ITaP web site, social media and other digital and print outlets
  3. Cooperative Services Desktop Support
    • Provides secure and efficient desktop computing solutions to participating administrative units on the West Lafayette campus. The staff provides equipment-lifecycle management recommendations, purchasing consultations, equipment installation, troubleshooting, and support for Windows platforms, peripherals, and desktop application software.
    • Maintains a backward compatible environment to support ITaP Application Services supported enterprise and departmental applications.
  4. Learning Spaces
    • Maintains and supports all ITaP instructional computer lab and classroom technologies along with virtual learning environments (Software Remote). Provides and maintains interactive systems and applications in all centrally scheduled, technology-enabled classrooms.
    • Offers a variety of video and multimedia production and support (Video and Multimedia Production Services) and video distribution (Video Network Operations) services to meet customer needs and ITaP’s strategic objectives.