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What is Purdue Wireless or Wi-Fi?

Purdue’s wireless network on the West Lafayette campus is known as PAL (Purdue Air Link). It connects wireless-ready laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices to the Purdue network and through it, to the Internet. PAL is accessible in most areas on campus, including academic buildings, administrative buildings, and the common areas of most residence halls.

PAL3.0 is the current version available. It enables individuals to have fast and safe Wi-Fi coverage. All connections are authenticated and encrypted to help protect your data.

For instructions to connect to PAL, click here.

What wireless services are available to guests?

AT&T Guest Access: Individuals visiting Purdue’s West Lafayette campus now have free access to AT&T’s Wi-Fi service, courtesy of Purdue Extended Campus, the Center for Career Opportunities and ITaP. Visitors needing technical support may call the AT&T Wi-Fi Technical Operations Center toll-free at 1-888-888-7520 for assistance.

For instructions to connect to AT&T Wi-Fi, click here.

Purdue Guest Access: Purdue PAL guest access will be limited to those instances where guests require access to internal Purdue resources. Additional measures will be established for requests to grant access to use PAL guest accounts for security purposes. The request form is located at http://www.itap.purdue.edu/airlink/palrequest/index.html. Instructions for Purdue staff and faculty regarding requests for guests can be found in this help article: https://support.purdue.edu/goldanswers/175412

For instructions to connect to PAL using guest credentials, click here.

eduroam: This service should be used by those individuals visiting campus from other higher education institutions that have implemented eduroam support and would like to use their home-institution credentials to gain access to the Internet while on Purdue’s campus. If an individual needs access to Purdue resources, a Purdue Guest Access account should be requested.

For instructions to connect to eduroam, click here.

(Note: Purdue's wireless options are designed to comply with federal and state regulations.)

How do I connect to Purdue's wireless services?

Connect to AT&T (attwifi)

  1. Turn on your device and ensure Wi-Fi is enabled. 
  2. Select the 'attwifi' wireless network and click on 'Get Connected.'
  3. Open a Web browser and load or refresh a webpage.
  4. Additional platform-specific instructions are available on GoldAnswers, Purdue's IT knowledge base.

Connect to eduroam

  1. Individuals affiliated with Purdue can join the network at while on Purdue’s campus by clicking on the wireless network name (SSID) eduroam and entering their Purdue career account user name with @purdue.edu appended to it as the login (username@purdue.edu), and their career account password.
  2. Those traveling and visitors from participating institutions can join eduroam with credentials from their home institution.
  3. A list of US-based and international participants is available on the eduroam website.  You can find their FAQ here.  

Connect to PAL

(NOTE: Individuals with Purdue guest access will need to follow the instructions below and substitute the account credentials provided in place of career account credentials.)

    1. Start with your notebook or computer turned off.
    2. Turn on your computer and ensure Wi-Fi is enabled.
    3. Open a Web browser and either:
      1. Click the XpressConnect link on the Purdue Wireless page and follow the online steps.
      2. Windows – Click on PAL3.0 from the list of available networks, click ‘Connect’ and enter your ‘Career Account Credentials.’ If a certificate warning prompt appears, click ‘connect.’
      3. Mac – click the ‘Airport’ icon, PAL3.0, sign in using your Career Account Credentials and click ‘Join’ (if you are prompted to verify a certificate, click ‘Ok’ or ‘Continue’).
      4. iPhone, iPad or iPod – Open ‘Settings’, tap ‘Wi-Fi’, tap PAL3.0 from the list, enter your Career Account credentials, tap ‘Join’ and tap ‘Accept’.
      5. Android – Tap the ‘Menu’ button, select ‘Wireless & Networks’, ensure the ‘Wi-Fi’ selection is switched on, tap ‘Wi-Fi’, tap ‘PAL3.0’ and leave the following defaults set:
        • Phase 2 authentication = ‘none’
        • CA Certificate = ‘(unspecified)’
        • User Certificate = ‘(unspecified)’
        • Scroll down to ‘Identity’, enter your ‘Career Account’ credentials under password and tap ‘Connect’ to save your settings
      6. Linux (Ubuntu) –
        1. Click the ‘Network Connection’ icon, choose ‘Connect to Hidden Wireless Network’, enter PAL3.0 into ‘Network Name’, choose ‘WPA & WPA2 Enterprise’ in the ‘Wireless security’ section, choose ‘Protected EAP (PEAP)’ in the ‘Authentication’ section and leave the ‘Anonymous identity field blank.
        2. In the 'CA certificate' field, click the drop-down menu to open a search window.
        3. In the search window that appears, navigate to File System/etc/ssl/, and choose 'AddTrust_External_CA_Root.pem' or 'AddTrust_External_Root.pem' for Ubuntu 12.10 and click 'Open'.
          • For 'PEAP' version, choose 'Version 0'.
          • For 'Inner authentication', choose 'MSCHAPv2'.
        4. Enter your Purdue ‘Career Account’ credentials in the respective fields and Click 'Connect'.
        5. The network connection icon will show that you are connected to PAL 3.0 network.