Student Organization Accounts

Like faculty, staff and students, all student organizations recognized by Purdue University can request a Purdue career account. Student organization accounts are provided with:

  • 5 gigabytes of storage space
  • an e-mail account
  • a mailing list
  • a MySQL account
  • a print quota
  • software for student organization PC's
  • a Blackboard course

To Request a Student Organization Account

To request a student organization account, the student organization's faculty advisor or president should go to, then log in, and click on "Student Organization Computing Accounts." If you do not see the link called "Student Organization Computing Accounts," you have not been set as the faculty advisor or president of your organization and will need to contact the Student Activities and Organizations office.

Accessing your Student Organization Account Home Directory

Your organization account may be accessed in the same way as your personal home directory.

In an ITaP PC lab:
Your home directory is located on drive H in Windows Explorer.

In an ITaP MAC lab:
Double-click the Macintosh HD icon to open it, then select your career account login to access your home directory.

From your home or office:
See: How do I access my Purdue Home Directory from my personal computer?

Student Organization Email Account

Office 365 email accounts are available for student organizations and may be requested by the President or Advisor via the "Student Organization Computing Accounts" tool at

Requesting a MySQL Account for your Student Organization

Student organizations can request a MySQL database account. MySQL allows you to store, organize, and access information in a relational database. This database can be accessed using web tools. To request a MySQL account you must first request a Student Organization Account (as described earlier in this document). After your Student Organization Account is created you may create a MySQL account.

Student Organization Mailing List

A mailing list can be requested by sending e-mail to The person wanting to be the list owner should request the list and specify the name of the mailing list to be created. The requested mailing list will be created within one business day.  For more information about mailing lists, go to:

Student Organization Printing in the ITaP labs

Student organizations will be given a print quota. Log in to an ITaP lab machine using the club's account name and password. When documents are printed from the club account, the banner page will show how much printing remains for the account.

If a student organization does not know their username or password, the president or advisor may use the ITaP account tool to set the password and learn the account name. To add more money to your print quota:

Print out the Request for Additional Print Quota and fill it out. This request must be signed by the President or Advisor of the Student Organization. Submit the signed form to the Business Office for Student Organizations in Krach 365. Please allow 3 business days for this authorization to process

Software for Student Organization PC's

Microsoft software for student organization PC's may be requested from the Business Office for Student Organizations (BOSO) in Student Activites and Organizations. BOSO will supply the Student Organization Software Media Order form and instructions on acquiring appropriate signatures. Since each software vendor may have unique requirements, requests for all other software for student organization PC's should be directed to ITaP Contracts & Licensing on a case-by-case basis.

Blackboard Course

A Blackboard course can be created for your student organization to facilitate the sharing of documents, collaboration and communication between organization members via the Web. To request a Blackboard course, the organization's president can send an e-mail request to the The e-mail should include the organization name, which will become the title of the Blackboard course, and the career account login id's of those people needing to design or build the course. Organization members can then be given access to the Vista course by the course designer(s).

Getting Help

If you need assistance, please visit for information on contacting the ITaP Customer Service Center.