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Storage limitations

Although there is a generous amount of mail storage space on Mailhub it is not without limit. We ask that everyone keep their mail storage as small as practical by removing old messages. To avoid having a few mailboxes monopolize the available space some limitations have been put in place.

Each person is permitted up to 500,000 KB for mail storage on Mailhub. If the mail storage usage remains over 500,000 KB for 10 consecutive days, then your mail storage area is full. Before this happens, warnings will be sent via electronic mail on the 3rd through 10th days.

There are also absolute size limits which may cause a mail storage area to be declared full before the 10 days lapse. If the mail storage usage reaches 600,000 KB the mail storage area is declared full. Before this happens, warnings will be sent via electronic mail on each day the mail storage usage is between 550,000 KB and 600,000 KB.

Any mail sent to a person with a full mail storage area is not delivered immediately. Instead the system periodically attempts to deliver the mail in hopes that the person will free up enough space to allow delivery. After four hours, a message will be sent to the sender informing them that their mail has not yet been delivered and that the system will continue to try until the mail is 3 days old. After three days, the orignal mail will be returned to the sender with an error message inviting them to retry sending the original mail.

It is still possible to retrieve existing mail from a full mail storage area. Once storage usage drops below 500,000 KB, new mail will be received as normal.

The Frequently Asked Questions contains information on checking your quota and suggestions for eliminating the disk space exceeded error message: