Technology in the Classroom

ITaP provides faculty and staff with the use of computer and network-based instructional applications in the classroom. Windows-based personal computers are available in these classroom locations.

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These PC's are configured like those found in ITaP instructional labs and require users to log in using a Purdue career account login and password. Network resources and many common software applications are available. From these workstations users may:

  • Use PowerPoint presentations
  • Demonstrate software
  • Access the internet
  • Use files from a USB drive
  • Access materials in your Purdue Career Account
  • Take attendance, give assessments, and get instant feedback with i>clicker

You may also bring in your own laptop computer. Computer projection is available from the instructional PC or from your own laptop.

To use a wired or wireless microphone, you must be in a TIC location with amplification. To request a personal mic for classrooms with audio amplification, please fill out this form

Wacom pen-enabled monitors are installed in several rooms; see the TIC Locations page for details. Instructors must purchase their own pen; the Wacom Grip Pen is recommended.

Solstice Pod or Crestron AirMedia wireless display receivers are in several rooms, including every classroom in WALC. Questions about using a wireless display should go to tlt-consulting.

Requests to schedule classes or events in these classrooms are processed through the Office of the Registrar.

For problems with computer and Audio/Visual equipment, contact Learning Spaces Operations at 49-44000.

Standard TIC Computer Configuration

  • Dell 5060/5070 QuadCore computer
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 23" widescreen monitor
  • Gigabit network connection
  • USB Keyboard & Mouse

Standard TIC Software Configuration

Standard Software in all Labs and Computer Classrooms

Using the Classroom Technology

ITaP has compiled some tips for using the technology.