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New women in high-performance computing group to hold first meeting Oct. 6
A new group for Purdue women with an interest in high-performance computing, organized by staff from ITaP, will hold its first meeting on Oct. 6. 

Yahoo customer data breach could affect Purdue faculty, staff and students who use Yahoo's service
Faculty, staff and students with Yahoo accounts need to be aware of a major data breach involving a half billion of the company’s customers and may need to reset their Purdue account passwords as well as the passwords for their Yahoo accounts.

Phone scams, known as ‘vishing,’ can be just as disastrous as scam phishing emails
Phone and instant messaging ‘vishing’ and ‘smishing’ are lesser known scams than email phishing, but the goal is the same: Scammers want your money. 

Purdue part of expanded XSEDE, the NSF’s Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment
Purdue is one of 19 partner institutions awarded a $110 million, five-year National Science Foundation grant to build on and expand the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), which accelerates scientific discovery by lowering the barriers for researchers to use and access advanced digital resources.

New Forecast “Fitbit for academics” app developed by ITaP focuses on helping students succeed
Forecast, the Fitbit of student success, is a new app that informs students of behaviors that can have an impact on their academic success. 

Purdue will help drive new $15 million, five-year NSF science gateways effort
Purdue is a member of a collaborative team that has received a $15 million, five-year grant from the National Science Foundation to accelerate development and application of science gateway websites designed to speed research and make cutting-edge research tools more accessible.

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