SharePoint Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Top FAQ's after an account has been migrated to BoilerAD:

Where can I get help with SharePoint?

To request service:

Requests for this service (new site requests, troubleshooting, professional and consultation services, etc.) can be sent by email to This email will generate a Help Desk request.

How to report problems or issues:

If you need to report a SharePoint outage, please contact ITaP Customer Service at (765) 49-44000.

If you have a general SharePoint related inquiry, please email and your request will be submitted through our incident tracking system which is monitored during regular business hours.


How do I log in to SharePoint using my preferred browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)?

Current log in instructions can be found here.


How can I configure IE or Chrome to no longer prompt for credentials?

Close ALL browser windows (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

Open Internet Explorer

Click the "Tools" menu

Click "Internet Options"

Click the "Security" tab

Click the "Local Intranet' zone

Click the "Custom level..." button

From the list of settings, scroll to the end to "User Authentication" then "Logon" and select the button beside "Automatic logon with current user name and password".

Click OK.

Click "Yes" to confirm you would like to change settings for the zone.

Repeat the above steps for the "Trusted sites" web zone.


Which SharePoint site(s) are impacted by this change?

Only sites that begin with sharepoint.purdue..., sp2013..., spa2013..., sp.itap..., spa.itap..., ag.itap..., extension.itap..., intra.krannert...,, dp.itap..., sharepoint.ecn..., sp.pnw... are affected.

This does not include SharePoint Online sites that begin with, for example. To log in to these sites, you should log in with your Purdue account:


What do I do if I receive an Access Denied message

Beginning Monday, January 27, 2020, when you log in to SharePoint with a OnePurdue account (onepurdue\username), you will receive an access denied message. The message displayed may be "Sorry, you don't have access to this page." or "Let us know why you need access..." as shown below.

Sorry.png Letusknow.png

If you are confident you already have access to a site but receive the access denied message, please close all browser windows then attempt the log in again with boilerad\username. Tips to troubleshoot log in issues can be found here. If you still receive the access denied message, please contact for further troubleshooting.


How do I remove saved Windows Credentials

Open Credential Manager

Open Control Panel > Credential Manager


OR Press Search > Type in Credential Manager > Select from List


Remove Credential

Click "Windows Credentials"

Find and click on the Windows Credentials entry for "" or other SharePoint site URL you might have saved

User name should contain "onepurdue\alias"

Click "Remove" to delete then click "Yes" to confirm



How do I delete/reconnect a SharePoint Calendar in Outlook?

In Outlook, right click the Calendar name then click “Delete Calendar”.

screenshot of delete calendar

When the dialog box appears, click “Yes” to confirm you want to delete the calendar. This does NOT delete the calendar in SharePoint, only in your personal Outlook.


Open any browser then visit the SharePoint site where the calendar exists. In this example, we’ll use a test site located at

If prompted, enter your BoilerAD credentials, including “boilerad\” then click OK. You MUST include “boilerad\” before your career account alias (i.e.: boilerad\username) as shown.


Once signed in, click anywhere inside the content area of the calendar (step 1) then click the Calendar tab on the ribbon (step 2) then click Connect to Outlook (step 3).


If presented with the Launch Application dialog box, click Outlook then click Open link.


When the following Microsoft Outlook dialog box appears, click “Yes” to connect the SharePoint calendar to Outlook.


You have successfully reconnected the SharePoint calendar in Outlook.


How do I delete/reconnect a SharePoint RSS Feed in Outlook

In Outlook, Right-Click the name of the RSS Subscription then click "Delete Folder:


Click "Yes" to confim you'd like to remove the RSS Feed.


Open the SharePoint site where the list or library exists (in this example we will use a document library) then click the List or Library tab. Click the RSS Feed icon.


Once the RSS Feed is displayed, Click "Subscribe to this feed".


When prompted, click "Yes" to Add the RSS Feed to Outlook. This dialog box may look slightly different depending on which browser you're using.


When prompted, enter your BoilerAd credentials (boilerad\username) then click OK.


You should now see the Site name and List or Library name in the RSS Subscriptions list in Outlook as shown:



Other Common FAQ's

How do I get access to SharePoint sites?

To gain access to a SharePoint site, it is necessary to contact the site owner. When attempting to access a site, an Error: Access Denied message may be displayed. Click ‘Request access’ to submit a request to the site owner.

If access has already been granted and there are still persistent issues logging in, please verify that the proper credentials are being entered. It is important to use boilerad\(your alias) as the username to log in to a SharePoint website if prompted. If the boilerad\ is not preceding the username, the login may fail. If this occurs, please refer to "How do I log in to SharePoint using my preferred browser..." above.


How do I become a SharePoint site owner or administrator?

To become a SharePoint site owner, users should first complete Data Handling certification.

Data Classification and Handling Educational Resources are provided for convenient completion of this certification.

To complete the Data Handling certification quiz, please visit Purdue WebCert and select Enterprise Certifications > Data Handling.

After Data Handling certification is complete, a request for service needs to be submitted to the site collection administrator.

Look at the Site Collection Administrators list to determine if your department/college already has a SharePoint site.

If a site collection already exists, contact the site collection administrator(s) listed to request a subsite.

If the site collection administrator does not agree that your subsite should be under their site collection or if a site collection does not exist, you may request a site by sending an e-mail to that includes the following information:

  • Your Contact Information
  • Your Department Name
  • The area the new Site Collection is for (if different than your Department)
  • Name and E-mail Address of the Primary Site Collection Administrator
  • Name and E-mail Address of the Secondary Site Collection Administrator