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Forecast proves faculty right; class attendance leads to success 


March workshop to cover high-performance computing with Purdue's community clusters


Briefing examines factors that drove unusual drop in Purdue’s first-year retention rate


Purdue students gain hands-on experience with virtual reality at Envision Center


Don’t say yes to vishing, beware strange callers asking “Can you hear me?”, other yes or no questions


Coffee Break Consultations help Purdue faculty, students use research computing resources


Personal information is like money – value and protect it on Data Privacy Day (and every day)


Big data research with Hadoop and Spark focus of Purdue, NSF workshop Feb. 10


February workshops offer introduction to computing with UNIX


Botanical Society, HUBzero partner on PlantingScience.org, an online community for high school student researchers


Phishing, other kinds of tax scams rank No. 1 — don’t fall victim 


New Halstead research supercomputer enables groundbreaking Indiana climate study


Forecast student success app now offers pointers for succeeding in individual courses


Time and curiousity make for successful IMPACT classes


Six ways to innovate in your classroom with help from ITaP   


OpenMP high-performance computing workshop at Purdue set for Jan. 17


Campus community getting new website for immediate software downloads


Start here for answers to questions about classroom technology for the next semester


Be wary of scam “phishing” emails that look like they’re legitimate Purdue business


Desktop files on ITaP-supported computers moving to backed up, secure network storage


Purdue's staff retention on par with national trends


5 things to help faculty survive and thrive during finals week 


Fake retail apps on the rise as the holiday shopping season begins 


New Halstead research supercomputing cluster ready for use by Purdue faculty


SafeRx database enables large-scale study of prescription medication safety


Video captioning at a reduced price now available with Kaltura MediaSpace


DataCenterHub addresses challenges with preserving, sharing research data


Five ways you can improve Purdue’s wireless system


Purdue’s 21st Century Scholars get a boost in graduation rates, academic performance with help from Purdue Promise


Don’t be a 90-pound cyberweakling, pump up your online muscle with strong passwords and two-factor authentication


Lose a laptop, tablet or smartphone and more may be at stake than just a lost device, your data and Purdue’s could also be at risk


Want your students to engage? Tech Today hosts forum on student response technology 


Using caution when opening emails is the best practice to avoid phishing scams


Purdue Libraries, ITaP collaborate on guide to data storage options at Purdue


4 tips for keeping your personal information safe on social media


Active-learning classrooms to increase more than 60 percent in 2017, but success depends on matching instructors to spaces


5 best practices to keep your mobile device (and all its contents) safe


New women in high-performance computing group to hold first meeting Oct. 6


Yahoo customer data breach could affect some Purdue users


Seven virtual reasons to tour the Envision Center during Dawn or Doom 


Major storage upgrade to take home directories, other online storage and services, off line Oct. 8 and 9


Phone scams, known as ‘vishing,’ can be just as disastrous as scam phishing emails


ITaP offers to bring technology fair to colleges and academic departments


New, improved technology spells the end of old-fashioned acetate projectors


Tech Today: Learn how digital badges saved money, boosted confidence and helped students succeed in the lab 


Purdue increases online course offerings by 18 percent from previous academic year


Purdue students can now access WebEx for web conferencing


Purdue part of program to expand XSEDE, the NSF’s Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment


New Forecast “Fitbit for academics” app developed by ITaP focuses on helping students succeed

Need tech support? ITaP's help desk can assist you 08/25/2016
ITaP security analyst offers cybersecurity tips for the start of the semester — and maybe a winning Jeopardy! question 08/23/2016
VoiceThread can help add authenticity to online presentations and discussions 08/22/2016
Purdue part of $15 million, five-year NSF science gateways effort 08/22/2016
ITaP to hold faculty meeting Aug. 30 to discuss new research computing cluster 08/18/2016
ITaP updates classroom technology, computers for fall semester 08/17/2016
12 classroom technology tips to help instructors speed up time to teaching 08/17/2016
ITaP offers Faculty Professional Development program covering technology in the classroom 08/17/2016
Five things you should know about using BoilerCast lecture capture in your course 08/11/2016
New application gives students ability to track their academic behaviors by using their own data 08/03/2016
IMPACT helps faculty create engaging learning environments 07/28/2016
Beware of opening unknown attachments as ‘ransomware’ threatens to take users’ files hostage 07/20/2016
Moving Blackboard Learn will require it to be off line July 22-24 07/07/2016
Class uses virtual reality to gain perspective on real-world issues 06/30/2016
At-risk students can be helped with proactive academic advising 06/29/2016
Purdue’s first-generation students do well in class, but retention is a challenge 06/10/2016
Move of Purdue’s main central data center passes halfway point 06/10/2016
Student supercomputing team from Purdue, Colorado competes in Germany 06/07/2016
ITaP offers workshops for WebEx, Qualtrics and Video Express 05/17/2016
Professor embraces technology, discards very good but ‘boring’ lectures 05/11/2016
Email header alerts Purdue users to probable phishing scams 05/09/2016
New analysis tool can help campus units and students understand complexity of degree requirements; 05/02/2016
Blackboard getting a new face, and some new features, in May 04/28/2016
IMPACT puts course focus on learning outcomes without sacrificing innovation 04/28/2016
ITaP hosts workshops with technology consultants and instructional designers 04/25/2016
Active Learning Platform helps professor reshape biochemistry class 04/21/2016
OpenMP high-performance computing mini course at Purdue set for May 10 04/19/2016
Physicists, ITaP partner to make science of data deluge from more powerful Large Hadron Collider 04/15/2106
Microsoft presenting Azure cloud computing workshop at Purdue April 26 04/14/2016
April users group meetings can help faculty submit final grades, enhance collaboration, and more 04/13/2016
Revealing Zika virus secrets the latest breakthrough enabled by Purdue’s community clusters 04/11/2016
From Blackboard to WebEx, ITaP offers workshops, users group sessions in April 04/04/2016
Federal cost, debt, earnings data indicate that a Purdue degree pays off 04/04/2016
Using distance learning to create “boutique” course topic at Technology Today event 03/30/2016
Purdue’s ISEEK fights global poverty with mobile apps and microloans 03/28/2016
Envision Center’s open house to include new virtual reality treadmill 03/24/2016
IMPACT Symposium focuses on how to create effective student engagement 03/21/2016
Big data research with Hadoop and Spark focus of workshop April 5 03/16/2106
Snyder cluster a key tool in research looking at why eyesight weakens with aging 03/15/2016
Wireless certificate change may generate prompt to accept new certificate 03/09/2016
Professor uses Blackboard to design his digital imaging course 03/07/2016
Rice cluster an essential tool for professor’s drug discovery research 03/03/2016
Move to LON-CAPA saves students money, gives instructors flexibility 03/01/2016
Purdue’s administrative staff shrinks, faculty grows from 2013 to 2015 03/01/2016
ITaP offers spring break workshops on accessibility, software and more 02/25/2016
New hardware, more access points among ongoing improvements to Purdue wireless 02/23/2016
Creating a classroom experience online discussed at next Blackboard Users Group event 02/23/2016
Rice cluster simulations show marine organisms influence mixing when concentrated 02/23/2016
Global collaboration topic of next WebEx Users Group meeting


Software Remote offers students free access to more than 150 software applications


Purdue’s main central data center moving from Freehafer Hall


BoilerMAKER Lab, 3-D printing workshop, featured at next Wireless Wednesday event 


Nearly finished data center consolidation project yields over $1M in energy savings to date


New initiative aims to improve student success via big data analysis


Life science use of Purdue’s research supercomputers experiencing rapid growth


Data Privacy Day offers reminder to be vigilant online, protect personal and Purdue data


Learn about WebEx, Video Express and video apps at an ITaP workshop 


Don’t be duped by tax-related phishing, other scams


Classroom technology tips for instructors can help speed time to teaching


Simple webcam helps instructor bring 3-D reality to online course


Start the second semester with an ITaP technology workshop 


Recent wire transfer, Office 365 email scams at Purdue are a warning to be wary of ‘phishing’


Beware of a new ‘phishing’ attempt that targets the Office 365 email migration


Writing Lab uses Passport digital badges to recognize student tutors’ professional development


ITaP offers finals week workshops: Grade Submit Tool, Video Express, WebEx and Tech Tuesday time-sving tips 


‘Data diary’ assignment in statistics class gets students thinking about big data and how their data is collected, used


Upgrade to Exchange Server 2013 will provide more email storage space, touch-friendly interface


Social media integration and attention management topic of next Wireless Wednesday 


Professor of 3-D animation employs Passport digital badges to help top students stand out in competitive job market 11/16/2015
IMPACT continues to help faculty, students achieve success 11/12/2015
Tablet helps professor break free from the front of the class 11/11/2015
Streamer video server to be deactivated at end of fall semester 11/02/2015
Qualtrics versatility, badging capability focus of next users group meeting 10/23/2015
Yes, there’s an app for that, but first make sure it’s safe, Purdue security expert warns 10/23/2015
Purdue’s ‘murky middle’ students more likely to complete degree with targeted intervention 10/02/2015
Fall break workshops will focus on technology tools for faculty to gauge and engage students, enhance learning 10/01/2015
Incorporating Mixable into high-enrollment classes saves CGT prof ‘boatloads’ of time 09/28/2015
Purdue to retire myMail in 2016, will transition student email to Office 365 09/25/2015
Webinar to focus on creating accessible Word documents 09/22/2015
Creating quizzes as an incentive is focus of next Blackboard Users Group 09/21/2015
Creating engaging videos the focus of next Wireless Wednesday event 09/17/2015
Tech Tuesday to focus on online content and communication using VoiceThread, Camtasia, Piazza, WebEx 09/11/2015
Workshop, users group to focus on Qualtrics, more than a survey tool 09/10/2015
Purdue extends Blackboard Learn contract for two more years following Canvas pilot 09/10/2015
New voice and data services model provides basic telecommunications package, takes advantage of economies of scale 09/10/2015
Active-learning classroom, ITaP supported tools and IMPACT help professor show students that class is relevant 09/09/2015
BoilerCast lecture capture now part of Active Learning Platform 09/02/2015
ITaP offers hands-on workshops for Video Express 09/01/2015
New academic year brings new, updated tech tools for instructors 08/31/2015
Next ITaP Tech Tuesday to focus on Video Express 08/26/2015
Classroom technology tips for instructors can help speed time to teaching 08/25/2015
Software Remote offers free access to more than 200 software applications 08/25/2015
Improvements to student printing come with switch to PaperCut 08/24/2015
Pharmacy professors say flipping classrooms is about making time for active learning 08/21/2015
Professor enriches class discussion using Hotseat, one of several apps available for faculty use 08/21/2015
New Rice community cluster research supercomputer ready for faculty 08/21/2015
Webinar highlights Confluence, the wiki-collaboration tool  08/19/2015
Blackboard workshops designed for anyone teaching, creating course content 08/17/2015
Purdue supercomputer usage, failure data research could make supercomputers more super 08/13/2015
Antivirus software offered by Purdue being updated for Windows 10 08/12/2015
ITaP offers workshops for host of teaching tools: Blackboard, Qualtrics, WebEx, and more  08/12/2015
Apple ending support for Purdue’s iTunesU, users need to move content by Sept. 1 08/10/2015
July OIRAE briefing examines student experiences with Purdue’s undergraduate core curriculum  08/10/2015
Purdue’s online directory gets a new, mobile friendly look 07/28/2105
Office of Admissions launches Passport badges for diversity, presentation and teamwork training 07/24/2015
Revamped Purdue Data Digest provides more visual and interactive user experience 07/24/2015
Deadlines approaching for SharePoint users to review sites 07/21/2015
Purdue again leads the nation in supercomputing systems for campus research 07/17/2015
June OIRAE briefing examines acculturation journey for first-year students  06/30/2015
Most students, some faculty and staff now need to change Purdue passwords only once a year 06/26/2015
Student supercomputing team from Purdue, Colombia aims for super performance in Germany 06/22/2015
ITaP offering training sessions on BoilerBackpack file storage and synchronization system 06/15/2015
Purdue partners with cities to extend wireless network into parts of Lafayette, West Lafayette 06/15/2015
ITaP-supported tools help IMPACT professors connect personally with students, gather useful student feedback  06/12/2015
BoilerCast, IMPACT help class focus on active learning  06/12/2015
WebEx at Purdue gets cost saving teleconferencing component 06/08/2015
ITaP offers training for survey-making software Qualtrics on June 17 06/03/2015
To make a bigger IMPACT, professor talks less and teaches more 06/01/2015
Flipping classroom transforms instructor from lecturer to coach   05/26/2015
Adding app to course helps students Pattern their study habits  05/14/2015
Rice, Purdue’s eighth research supercomputing cluster in as many years, gets off to a running start 05/08/2015
Education students use iPads to get class’s point of view  05/07/2015
Faculty invited to lead or participate in studies related to Purdue Studio teaching and learning tools  05/06/2015
Professor, Envision Center take grasshopper dissection into the virtual realm  04/28/2015
DiaGrid helps advance biomedical imaging for cancer and other diseases  04/28/2015
Professor discusses experiences using Canvas learning management system 04/27/2015
ITaP offers training for Video Express, Qualtrics and more during finals week  04/22/2015
Blackboard Groups helps enable course built on students working together 04/20/2015
Video Express enables students to actively participate in class after pre-recorded lectures 04/17/2015
Professor says affordable textbook program saved his class up to $40,000 04/16/2015
Wireless Wednesday demos to focus on educational app development and implementation 04/13/2015
The perfect graduation gift at a great price with Purdue-negotiated discounts 04/09/2015
Envision Center hosting Google Project Tango technology demo for faculty researchers 04/08/2015
Faculty member weighs in on pros, cons of Canvas learning management system 04/07/2015
Digital textbook development program helps faculty member write the book on hospitality and tourism 03/26/2015
Faculty invited to attend April information sessions on learning management system Canvas 03/25/2015
Spring users group demos include Blackboard homework and quizzes, Qualtrics, Confluence and Web conferencing 03/23/2015
Software pilot facilitates matching faculty and students on research projects 03/09/2015
Spring break workshops cover video tools for faculty and staff, Qualtrics surveys, website and document accessibility 02/26/2015
Pilot program helps political science professor develop innovative, video-rich electronic textbook replacement 02/23/2015
Phishing scam with dangerous attachment commandeers Purdue email addresses 02/12/2015
Security flaws discovered in new Microsoft Outlook mobile app 02/11/2015
February users group meetings highlight Blackboard groups and peer evaluation, WebEx, and more 02/11/2015
Faculty invited to attend Feb. 25 panel discussion on active learning, IMPACT classrooms 02/11/2015
Purdue’s new research supercomputer is designed to fit a variety of computational needs 02/10/2015
Professor implements mastery-based digital badges using Passport 02/09/2015
New data visualization tools illuminate trends in students switching majors, enrollment 01/30/2015
Purdue faculty and staff have professionally staffed video conferencing options 01/29/2015
‘Password’ and ‘123456’ hold top two spots on worst passwords list 01/27/2015
Research Data Depot makes moving video for psychology research easy 01/26/2015
With WebEx in place, Adobe Connect service to end Jan. 30 01/20/2015
Canvas pilot expands to further evaluate next-generation learning management system 01/16/2015
ITaP Tech Tuesdays demo technologies for enhanced teaching and learning, lunch included 01/16/2015
BoilerBackpack now offering mobile cloud storage for business, research files 01/12/2015
HUBzero users to get demo of fast, easy way to create searchable, interactive research databases 01/09/2015
Professors’ use of mobile technology helps prepare students for future careers 01/09/2015
Don’t be duped by tax-related phishing, other scams 01/08/2015
Disabling devices when changing a password can prevent career account lockouts 01/07/2015
Vulnerability prompts ITaP to end Respondus Lockdown Browser pilot and look for alternatives 01/06/2015