BoilerKey now required for employee portal access, sign up if you haven’t

As of July 1, faculty, staff and student employees at all of Purdue’s campuses need BoilerKey to log into the Purdue employee portal and access leave requests, salary statements and other functions. BoilerKey also makes sensitive personal information more secure. If you have not yet signed up for BoilerKey, you can still sign up at

So far, almost 87 percent of those who have logged into the employee portal in the last six months and are eligible for BoilerKey have signed up. 

Purdue West Lafayette, Purdue Fort Wayne and Purdue Northwest employees can all sign up for BoilerKey by visiting Users can choose from two options: the Duo Mobile software application or a hardware token if a smartphone or tablet is unavailable. 

What is two-factor authentication? 

BoilerKey adds a second login requirement to go with your password. At Purdue, it’s a numerical code randomly generated on a smartphone app called Duo or hardware token, in this case in the form of a key fob.

Essentially, even if someone were to obtain your password (if you fall for a phishing email, for instance), your account would still be protected because only you can physically access your smartphone or key fob to get the necessary login code. 

Why do I need it? 

BoilerKey protects your sensitive data, including financial information such as your bank account and PUID numbers. This information sits behind the OnePurdue SAP portal. Depending on your role with the university, you may use the portal for a variety of functions that are not limited to vacation requests, sick leave and other personal information.

What if I need a little extra help? 

No problem. You can also get help at: 

  • GoldAnswers (
  • Tech Support
    • West Lafayette campus: or 44000
    • Purdue Northwest:
    • IPFW: or 260-481-6030 

What else do I need to know? 

If you do not have BoilerKey, you can still sign up for it at Until then, you will not be able to access the employee portal and do things such as submit leave requests until you have BoilerKey. Avoid having to sign up at start-of-school crunch time, sign up today. Encourage your colleagues to sign up, too. 

Writer: Kirsten Gibson, technology writer, Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP), 765-494-8190,

Last updated: July 25, 2018