Web.ics career account service to receive upgrade; users need to test their webpages

Purdue’s web.ics career account webpage service is receiving an infrastructure upgrade, which will require users to check if their sites have been affected by the move.

The infrastructure upgrade – which involves moving to a virtual server – will not move webpage content (all content will remain on the user’s career account), but some programs may be affected. Instructions for how to test your page on the new server can be found here.

Any issues found during testing should be reported to itap@purdue.edu by November 16. The web.ics service will move permanently to the new server in January. All sites will retain their current web address.

For more information about how to request a career account web page, click here.

More information about career account webpages can be found here.

Writer: Dave Stephens, technology writer, Information Technology at Purdue, 765-496-7998, steph103@purdue.edu.

Last updated: September 27, 2018