As the holidays near, don’t forget to register for BoilerKey self-recovery

The joy of a shiny new phone can quickly be tempered by having to reestablish your digital life on the new device. An easy way to make sure you stay connected to Purdue systems is by registering for BoilerKey self-recovery.

Self-recovery allows you to set up a new device without the wait. You can also download a list of BoilerKey backup codes in case you have trouble with your new device. Remember: These features are preventative and should be set up before you get a new device.

BoilerKey, Purdue’s version of two-factor authentication, protects your digital treasures and Purdue’s. Financial aid information, health data, grades and other sensitive information benefit from two layers of security: something you know and something you have.

The “something you have” is the key to the BoilerKey equation. Without a mobile device and the Duo Mobile app (or a hardware token), you will be unable to access certain important Purdue sites protected by BoilerKey. There are two workarounds that you should set up before you have a problem.

  1. BoilerKey Self-Recovery

    By visiting and clicking “Register for Self-Recovery,” students, faculty and staff can register their phone number and receive a text to confirm their credentials. This option can be used when someone gets a new phone and needs to establish a new BoilerKey on it, or if they have problems with the Duo Mobile app. 
  1. BoilerKey Backup Codes

    You can print out a list of 10 one-time use codes and store them securely. These codes can be used in place of a code from the Duo Mobile app or a hardware token. You can get backup codes by visiting, clicking “Manage” and then selecting “Obtain List of One-Time Use Backup Codes.” It is important to securely store this list so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

If you find yourself with neither your phone number registered nor a list of backup codes, you can call the ITaP Customer Service Center at (765) 494-4000 or email

For more information about BoilerKey, visit