Student At-Home Use of Adobe Creative Cloud

In light of the increased demand for remote learning due to COVID-19, Adobe has made temporary at-home access to Creative Cloud available to Purdue students. 

Active students at the University will be able to download and install the latest versions of Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications to their personally owned computers to use until July 6, 2020.  After this date, the temporary at-home license for Creative Cloud expires, and students will no longer be able to use the applications they have installed.  As the situation evolves, however, Adobe may update the expiration date so that Purdue students can continue their learning remotely.  Because Creative Cloud application use is temporary, students should save document files to their own storage locations to ensure access after expiration.

See below, for information about faculty and staff use of Adobe products.

Student Installation

Step 1: Active Purdue students can temporarily install Adobe Creative Cloud applications on their personally owned computers by signing into the following Adobe website:

Students should sign in using the same Purdue information they use when signing in to the Creative Cloud applications when on University-owned computers.

Step 2: At the Adobe Sign-in webpage, enter their Purdue e-mail address and click the Continue button. 






Step 3: On the next screen, select the Company or School Account.

Step 4:  Sstudents will be taken to a standard CAS log-in web page where they should type in their Purdue Login and Boilerkey combination, then click the Login button.

Step 5: The student will now be logged in to their Adobe account. They will be presented with the Creative Cloud Products they can temporarily install on their personally owned computers.

Step 6: Click the Install button on any product they need for their coursework.

For additional details on downloading Creative Cloud, visit:

For system requirements to install the Adobe Creative Cloud Applications, please see: 

Faculty/Staff At-Home Use

Purdue faculty and staff still need a Named User License to use Creative Cloud.  This license allows for faculty to install Creative Cloud on two different machines, so there should be a second installation available that faculty can use on their home computer.

All faculty in the Adobe Console with a Named User License will be able to follow the same instructions as students to sign in to the Adobe website and install the Creative Cloud software.