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Get help using ITaP services in Windows 8

Learning a new operating system like Windows 8 can be like navigating a new town without GPS — a series of guesses, some of them unfortunate.

But the recently updated articles for Windows 8 in ITaP’s GoldAnswers — a Purdue-specific online knowledge base — can provide you with tips and tutorials to help guide you through the newest Windows.

GoldAnswers allows users to find self-help at any time of day. Those needing to know how to connect to Purdue’s wireless system, whether via PAL 2.0 or PAL 3.0, map network drives, connect to lab printers, and connect to the Purdue VPN service in Windows 8 can find those answers and more in the knowledge base.

"GoldAnswers is regularly updated to include instructions for the most current operating systems, and the Windows 8 articles are a good example,” says Ryan Stremke, service desk manager of ITaP’s Customer Service Center.

GoldAnswers also includes articles covering the OS X, iOS and Android operating systems, among other things.

To search for more information on various operating systems and thousands of additional topics, log in to GoldAnswers using your Purdue career account alias and password.

You can also stop by the Customer Service Center on the main floor of the HSSE library or call 494-4000 for technology help. Hours of operation can be found at http://www.itap.purdue.edu/help/.

Writer: Jade Case, IT technical writer, ITaP, 49-3152, cloudj@purdue.edu

Source: Ryan Stremke, service desk manager for ITaP’s Customer Service Center, 49-43808, rstremke@purdue.edu

Last updated: Nov. 8, 2012