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AT&T offers a 20% monthly service discount on qualified voice and data plans to Purdue University students and employees on the West Lafayette, Calumet, Fort Wayne and North Central campuses. Purdue students and employees also have access to the best discounts available on the portfolio of AT&T devices. Purdue students and employees can register for the discount on qualified voice plans for standard cell phones, and qualified voice AND data plans for iPhones and other Smartphone devices.

Additionally, Purdue students and employees receiving this discount are able to use AT&T's Business End User Care Support Hotline, reachable at (800) 331-0500.

Purdue students and employees with existing AT&T accounts are eligible for the Purdue discounts. To determine eligibility and sign up for the discount, visit the AT&T enrollment page and follow the instructions to attach the discount to your existing account. For FamilyTalk users to add the discount, the Purdue student or employee must be the primary user on the account.

To switch to an AT&T service plan, upgrade a device or start a new line of service, please click the appropriate AT&T Store link below and enter your Purdue email address.

Purdue University students and staff can also receive the discounts by visiting local, authorized AT&T stores and providing retail staff with a valid Purdue (purdue.edu) email address, student or employee ID badge or paycheck stub and the appropriate Foundation Account Number (FAN) listed below:

Purdue University Students FAN: 2523574
Purdue University Employees FAN: 2016767

Note that participation in the ITaP Shopping program is at the discretion of the student, faculty or staff member, and the purchase contract is between the purchaser and the vendor. Purdue University is not a party to sale; negotiations to resolve any disputes with the vendor will be the responsibility of the purchaser.