SAS Install Instructions

SAS is only available for installation via physical media.  The SAS DVD Installation discs are available for check-out from the ITaP Software Distribution Office.  An optical DVD drive is required for installation.  Each set of SAS Installation media includes 6 DVDs that must be swapped in and out during installation.  Budget at least two and half hours at the computer swapping out discs to complete the SAS installation. 


Begin by putting the first DVD in the set, marked Disc Number: 1 of 6, in the DVD drive.  Depending on your computer system and the read spend of your optical disc drive, it may take several moments for the drive to fully mount.  Once the first disc is available to your computer system, go to the discs contents and launch the setup.exe program.


It may take several minutes for the SAS Installer to load.  You should eventually see a splash screen that reads SAS Deployment Wizard.  Again, depending on your system and drive, this will also stay on the screen for 10 minutes or more as the SAS Deployment Wizard loads in the background.  As long as you hear your optical drive working, the SAS Deployment Wizard is loading.

Select Deployment Task

On the Select Deployment Task screen, be sure that Install SAS software is selected.  Then, click the Next button.


On the next screen, make sure Install SAS Foundation and Releated Software is selected, then click the Next button.  


On the Select Products to Install screen, select the included products that you need to install.  You might check with your instructor for information on what products will be used.  Selecting All will greatly lengthen your install time by hours, so it is suggested that you install only what you need or accept the defaults.

Selecting SAS Foundation Products

Again, you can deselect the SAS Foundation Products if you are sure that you will not need them to reduce the install time; however keeping the default is appropriate for most installs.  Click the Next Button.


Do not change anything on the Specify SAS Installation Data File screen or this will damage your installation of SAS.  This screen shows you when the currently distributed version of SAS will expire.  Click the Next Button.  


Select Language Support

On the Select Language Support screen, it is suggested that you deselect everything and then select the languages you will need.  This speeds up installation time by only installing the languages that you will use. 


On the Default Product for SAS File Types screen, in most situations you should leave the default selected.  Click Next.  

If you have installed SAS Document Conversion, on the next screen you can add the host name and port.  Unless otherwise instructed, the defaults are appropriate.  Click Next.

The SAS Deployment Wizard then check your system and load the installation packages for some products.  Once it completes, Click the Next button.


A Deployment Summary screen should now appear.  It lists all the components that will be installed.  Click the Start button to begin installation of SAS on your computer.

Do not be alarmed if this process takes an extremely long time.  It usually takes over a half an hour for the Overall Progress to move to 1%.  As long as you can hear the DVD drive working, and see active animation near the progress bars, the SAS installation is progressing.

Please insert the disk labeled...

Depending on the options you've selected, you will be prompted for SAS Software Disk 2.  Depending on the options you've selected, and your system and drive speed, this will be 45 minutes or longer into the install process.  Eject SAS Software Disk 1 from your DVD drive and insert Disc 2 from the SAS Installation set.  Wait for your system to recognize the new disc before clicking OK.  

You will continue swapping DVD discs as prompted.  It is common for the SAS Deployment Wizard to ask for a previous Disk in the set.  Wait time between swapping of DVDs varies dramatically depending on the products that will be installed, the languages, and the system and drive speeds.  It can be anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes, or even hours. 

The last step in the install process is Install Post Processing...  Once that completes, you have successfully installed SAS and the screen should read Deployment Complete.  Click Next and then on the next screen click Finish.