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VanDyke Software is an Albuquerque, New Mexico company that focuses on secure remote communication and transfer software. Through Purdue's agreement with the company, the following products are available:

  • SecureCRT

  • SecureFX

Descriptions for each software package can be found on the VanDyke website: https://www.vandyke.com/products/index.html.



The West Lafayette, Calumet, and North Central campuses are covered under this agreement. Installation is approved for Purdue-owned systems and non-commercial use on personally-owned machines of Purdue faculty, staff, and students.

Current Distributed Version: 7.3



Purdue's agreement with VanDyke Software provides a limited number of licenses for use of SecureCRT and SecureFX. For those eligible, versions are available for both Windows and Mac. This software must be fully uninstalled from personally-owned equipment when association with the University ends or status change results in ineligibility.



Secure Purdue handles requests for VanDyke software at their download site:


After downloading the software installer, an e-mail will be sent with your licensing information. For Purdue-owned machines administered by an IT organization such as ITaP, CLA-IT, or ECN, please contact your IT group for assistance.



Secure Purdue offers instructions on software installation at Secure Purdue Help Page.

ITaP Licensing can handle any licensing inquiries. Please send e-mail to itap-licensing@purdue.edu with details, including the exact text of any warnings received and the steps during installation or use where the licensing issue arises.

For all other product support requests, please contact VanDyke directly at https://www.vandyke.com/support/index.html.


Contact Information

ITaP Licensing can be contacted at itap-licensing@purdue.edu Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.  Response to inquiries will usually be one business day or less.

For form drop-off, visit the ITaP Software Distribution Desk.