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Ghost Solution Suite

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite allows for accurate hardware-independent system imaging of hard disk drives for backup or image deployment.

A detailed description of Ghost can be found on the Symantec website:




Purdue University maintains a volume discount agreement with SHI for the purchase of Ghost Solution Suite. The Ghost software can be used to image University-owned machines only. Purdue departments or groups can purchase Ghost through this established arrangement at a significantly discounted price.

Please be aware that a separate Ghost license must be purchased for every computer that will be imaged using the software. A single Ghost license cannot be used to image multiple computers.

Unit cost for Ghost Solution Suite licenses varies. Price is determined by a combination of current product pricing and the number of licenses we purchase applied to the volume discount.

Under this agreement, Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is not available for use with personally owned machines.

Current Distributed Version: 3.1



Participating University departments or groups are recharged in June for the cost of each license of Ghost. Unit cost varies from year to year, and is determined by current pricing and number of licenses purchased. Cost is finalized during yearly renewal of the volume discount purchase in April. Participates provide the number of licenses needed and the account to recharge at that time.



ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution administers the volume licensing purchase for Purdue IT groups. To request participation in the yearly volume purchase, please send e-mail to itap-licensing@purdue.edu. Please remember to provide the exact number of licenses for purchase. A cost estimate will then be provided to the requester for final approval. License keys will be distributed via ITaP’s Filelocker service once we receive final approve for the purchase, and the account number to use for recharge.



ITaP Software Licensing and Distribution does not offer support on the use of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite.

For product support requests, please contact Symantec at:



Contact Information

ITaP Licensing can be contacted at itap-licensing@purdue.edu Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.  Response to inquiries will usually be one business day or less.